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◇ March 27, 2016 broadcast
20 years of boxer Joichiro Tatsuyoshi who decides in couple, parenthood very much while exposing the body to fight, danger and loneliness to visit human being society irresistibly
It is person from love toseshi in having family "tomorrow of Joe" [2] Detailed>
◇ March 20, 2016 broadcast
What is way of Joichiro Tatsuyoshi seeing movie "tomorrow of Joe" of life that was ingrained in bog down?
With Joichiro Tatsuyoshi someone [1] or "readiness of single single man" Detailed>
◇ March 13, 2016 broadcast
Vitality of the nation is necessary while the times enter into crisis to keep Japanese on the conditions of a country. We discuss important sense of values to think about the present age while minding modern history until "security treaty legislation" "constitutional amendment".
What is sense of values that is the most important from "security treaty legislation" to ask modern education [2] to "history?" Detailed>
◇ March 6, 2016 broadcast
We ask the way of education in the times called globalization! Hirofumi Shimomura above sentence department phase and Councilor Shoji Nishida thoroughly argue over mos which modern Japan is about to lose.
By Hirofumi Shimomura X Shoji Nishida X Susumu Nishibe "ask modern education"  Detailed>
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