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◇ May 28, 2016 broadcast
We imagine scene around song from words accepted by good old Japanese song, and let's regain sense, perception that Japanese is about to lose!
Song classroom [14] "song of sea" (port, the sea, lake) of Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
◇ May 21, 2016 broadcast
We make imagination words of good old song from scene around approved song, and sense will regain "sense, perception"!
Song classroom [13] of Keiko Aoyama Japan "wandering song" Detailed>
◇ May 14, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Akio Nakamori 
Modern youth theory by Akio Nakamori X Susumu Nishibe [2]
Train conversation in modern youth theory [2] society and power of words Detailed>
◇ May 7, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Akio Nakamori 
Story over age reduction to "right to vote 18 years old" by Akio Nakamori X Susumu Nishibe or older
Power of youth that is necessary when the whole modern youth theory [1] times changes Detailed>
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