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◇ June 25, 2016 broadcast
Market emits signal seeking public works spending! The government shows orientation named state of things, and can you maintain community by exercise that the nation unites and energizes area separately?
Good opportunity to discuss the future Japanese way while we begin economic stagnation worldwide! "Hour of death of capitalism as for the negative interest rate" [3] Detailed>
◇ June 18, 2016 broadcast
 Fear roshii meaning of implication "connotation" included in "capital" principles. In economic crisis to spread worldwide, what is what Japanese should regard as important?
Negative interest rate hour of death [2] Keita Shibayama [Associate Professor at Kyoto University Graduate School] of capitalism Detailed>
◇ June 11, 2016 broadcast
It is negative interest rate introduced toward exit from deflation for the first time in history, but the effect does not hardly appear. We look back upon modern times while the world approaches corner and ask essence of capitalism.
Of "capitalism as for the negative interest rate Japan future by economic stagnation long-term at the hour of death" is ... Detailed>
◇ June 4, 2016 broadcast
Japan's original diplomatic way to see for Prime Minister Abe X puchi President talk
Japan and Russia relations to hold the key in United States, China and Russia diplomacy Detailed>
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