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◇ July 30, 2016 broadcast
We follow common sense of the nation for a long time in Japan and think in oneself. "There is no way other than public activity" [2]
We think about Tokyo overconcentration about issue "waiting-list child" of Tokyo governor election Detailed>
◇ July 23, 2016 broadcast
There is not way other than public works spending without politics, economy, society and crisis spreading worldwide, and being able to find private demand in long-term stagnation.
[plan consecutively special for three weeks] There is no way other than public activity Detailed>
◇ July 16, 2016 broadcast
"Revision of the Constitution" that Japanese sees from result of some ... Upper House election with important means kimono by sign of world disturbance now "war bill" "Japan-U.S. alliance"
[special plan] On earth what was Upper House election - that? Detailed>
◇ July 9, 2016 broadcast
We regain Sense "sense" that Japanese is about to lose "perception"! Valuable high quality program "song classroom of Japan"
"We sandwich war", and author, the life and music of singer think in the sung times Detailed>
◇ July 3, 2016 broadcast
Even if memory moderates in postwar period when urbanization advances, and farm village scenery fails, and thing called hometown was lost rapidly, we yearn for hometown
Song classroom of "hometown to be lost, and to go" Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
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