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◇ August 27, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Kan Ito  
It rotates, and ... United States empire is tumultuous "lie talk called nuclear disarmament and nuclear armament, self-defense of Japan Kan Ito X Susumu Nishibe from the world"! !
"MX, depicter interlocking movement plan" that the whole world gets closer to every moment in chaos without order and the times of violence [3] Detailed>
◇ August 20, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Kan Ito  
Great confusion of capitalism by FinancialGlobalism where computer moves trillions of yen of Friday to during a one-1,000,000th second
Financial capital principles by the class of 0.1% of top ruining the world "empire great confusion in the United States! "[2] commentator, Kan Ito Detailed>
◇ August 13, 2016 broadcast
[guest] Kan Ito  
International politics, Kan Ito of American finance analyst discusses essence of the United States in commentators resident in Washington D.C.
[every other month "depicter" interlocking movement plan] "Empire great confusion in the United States! !" [1] Detailed>
◇ August 6, 2016 broadcast
We receive lurch to protectionism, and the need of government-led public works project is performed close-up of in the country with a few private demands.
If "there is no way other than public activity" [3] and does not follow the history, town collapses Detailed>
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