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◇ July 1, 2017 broadcast
Shuji Sawamura X Yosuke Hamazaki X Susumu Nishibe "importance to look back upon history while the times enter into crisis, and to feel something with Japanese, and to think." about
Over history history- Kojiki, Chronicles of Japan, Manyoshu tanka collection as story story as for "Japanese none of somo" [2] Detailed>
◇ June 24, 2017 broadcast
As for "Japanese none of somo!" by Shuji Sawamura [critical biography writer] X Yosuke Hamazaki [literary arts critic] X Susumu Nishibe [commentator] [1]
Beginning of Prince Shotoku and hybrid culture  Detailed>
◇ June 17, 2017 broadcast
Mayor of Shuji Sawamura [critical biography writer] X Yosuke Hamazaki [literary arts critic] X Susumu Nishibe seminar is start in series by idea again Japanese in becoming world chaos particularly genkyo gesuru
As for special series "Japanese somo anything person!" "Japanese idea which is why now" Detailed>
◇ June 10, 2017 broadcast
We look back upon history from literature, philosophy, classic and we read essentially and untie modern problem by wisdom of ancient people and rediscover "Japan" quality of
"How did ancient people who shook in the modernization and traditional interval live?." Sawamura X Hamasaki sukore start! Detailed>
◇ June 3, 2017 broadcast
We look back upon history from literature, philosophy, classic and we read essentially and untie modern problem by wisdom of ancient people and rediscover "Japan" quality of
Shuji Sawamura X Yosuke Hamazaki sukore start! Rediscovery of "Japan" quality of Detailed>
◇ May 27, 2017 broadcast
Reflection of quarter of century contains the world belonging under the chaos situation. They discuss human being and discuss nation, and they come at time to discuss the world, but does Japan really wake from long nap?
It is the essence of maintenance to find sense of balance in crisis in the history, tradition Detailed>
◇ May 6, 2017 broadcast
Keishi Saeki X Katsura Shibayama large X Susumu Nishibe "trout society moved by demagogy" special plan [4]
"democracy which has been misunderstood by intellectual" Detailed>
◇ April 29, 2017 broadcast
We feel things based on good sense calmly and try to think while the times enter into crisis. With "modern times" with "efficiency" with "innovation"
Technique, information-intensive society to bring crisis crisis Detailed>
◇ April 22, 2017 broadcast
When the nation has courage so that it is * or is not done for - lie talk and holds in the times when general electorate was not moved all over the world by the mass media
The mass media which we are made to disturb by demagogy Detailed>
◇ April 15, 2017 broadcast
Cards phenomenon that showed the world chaos situation figuratively of the United States! We think about the soil.
 "mass society trout society which is moved by demagogy demagogy" Detailed>
◇ April 8, 2017 broadcast
Song which is necessary in the present times to recall background in the times when we made meaning and music of words loaded words in Japanese good old song with, and to learn from the history. 
Song classroom [21] of "song leaving trace of defeat" Keiko Aoyama Japan  Detailed>
◇ April 1, 2017 broadcast
Let's regain Japanese sense sense, perception! TOKYOMX Susumu Nishibe seminar 
Between song classroom [20] "sad kana, man and woman" of Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
◇ March 25, 2017 broadcast
Cards U.S. President who embodies wonderfully while language of all humankind is confused, Japanese courage is tried now
We regard heart of samurai as corruption of the black iron Hiroshi X Susumu Nishibe world in collapse Detailed>
◇ March 18, 2017 broadcast
The late Tokugawa period, Meiji and comic artist with review power to be familiar with modern circumstances discuss from the age of civil strife! Thinking from cards phenomenon
We regard heart of samurai as world corruption in collapse [black iron Hiroshi] Detailed>
◇ March 4, 2017 broadcast
[guest] Takako Kleine 
Visiting historic boundary lines which we make own nation, on the conditions of a country, area and followed, Japan is ... with courage courage which they should learn
What happens the next without the EU U.K.; or commentator, Takako Kleine [residence in Germany] X Susumu Nishibe Detailed>
◇ February 25, 2017 broadcast
[guest] Kan Ito 
What is legitimacy that the cards government wants to regain again? The American fact to see from President cards remark which are non-calculating, and perform way of honest person display
It is monster of "progress faith with the future prospects as darkness" Kan Ito [Washington D.C. residence] modern American - Modernism [2] Detailed>
◇ February 18, 2017 broadcast
[guest] Kan Ito 
Kan Ito X Susumu Nishibe considers in large field of vision that is different from Japanese so-called conservatives! How do you see birth of the cards President?
Being monster of modern American - Modernism or "the national actual condition that history sense lacks in of the United States" Detailed>
◇ January 28, 2017 broadcast
We sing by power of song of jello and inherit feelings ... forgotten song of immutability in popular song and song which is overlooked, and hides
When rain of [3] acacia stops for "hometown of song"; jello X Tsuyoshi Sato X Susumu Nishibe Detailed>
◇ January 21, 2017 broadcast
We recall hometown sense that postwar Japanese is forgetting by good old song
For plan "oldness of song" special in when "fall kaesa ritakutenaraji" new spring [2] Detailed>
◇ January 14, 2017 broadcast
Over good old song recalling me to hometown consciousness that Japanese forgot
We are hard to forget jello X Tsuyoshi Sato X Susumu Nishibe with oldness for "hometown of song" Detailed>
◇ January 7, 2017 broadcast
In fall of civilization to spread in global scale voluntary independence of Japan in state of things!
The Makoto Sataka X black iron Hiroshi X Susumu Nishibe "early morning of nationalism" Detailed>
◇ December 24, 2016 broadcast
As "it is already fall of past civilization, or cards phenomenon that showed difference to spread worldwide figuratively is the time of *raku" (sea bream takes its ease)
"Dusk of the history" black iron Hiroshi X Makoto Sataka X Susumu Nishibe Detailed>
◇ December 10, 2016 broadcast
Power balance to bind Russia and hand together while the world fights by power "how Japan should go out with Russia" [2], and to check hasamiuchi by the U.S. and China.
Event that you should perform of Susumu Nishibe X Masayuki Iwata X mokumurasanko*moku! Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vs. President Putin talk  Detailed>
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