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◇ January 28, 2017 broadcast
We sing by power of song of jello and inherit feelings ... forgotten song of immutability in popular song and song which is overlooked, and hides
When rain of [3] acacia stops for "hometown of song"; jello X Takeshi Sato X Susumu Nishibe Detailed>
◇ January 21, 2017 broadcast
We recall hometown sense that postwar Japanese is forgetting by good old song
For plan "oldness of song" special in when "fall kaesa ritakutenaraji" new spring [2] Detailed>
◇ January 14, 2017 broadcast
Over good old song recalling me to hometown consciousness that Japanese forgot
We are hard to forget jello X Takeshi Sato X Susumu Nishibe with oldness for "hometown of song" Detailed>
◇ January 7, 2017 broadcast
In fall of civilization to spread in global scale voluntary independence of Japan in state of things!
The Makoto Sataka X black iron Hiroshi X Susumu Nishibe "early morning of nationalism" Detailed>
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