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◇ March 25, 2017 broadcast
Cards U.S. President who embodies wonderfully while language of all humankind is confused, Japanese courage is tried now
We regard heart of samurai as corruption of the black iron Hiroshi X Susumu Nishibe world in collapse Detailed>
◇ March 18, 2017 broadcast
The late Tokugawa period, Meiji and comic artist with review power to be familiar with modern circumstances discuss from the age of civil strife! Thinking from cards phenomenon
We regard heart of samurai as world corruption in collapse [black iron Hiroshi] Detailed>
◇ March 4, 2017 broadcast
[guest] Takako Kleine 
Visiting historic boundary lines which we make own nation, on the conditions of a country, area and followed, Japan is ... with courage courage which they should learn
What happens the next without the EU U.K.; or commentator, Takako Kleine [residence in Germany] X Susumu Nishibe Detailed>
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