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◇ April 29, 2017 broadcast
We feel things based on good sense calmly and try to think while the times enter into crisis. With "modern times" with "efficiency" with "innovation"
Technique, information-intensive society to bring crisis crisis Detailed>
◇ April 22, 2017 broadcast
When the nation has courage so that general electorate is moved all over the world by the mass media and it is * or is not done for - lie talk in the lost times and holds
The mass media which we are made to disturb by demagogy Detailed>
◇ April 15, 2017 broadcast
Cards phenomenon that showed the world chaos situation figuratively of the United States! We think about the soil.
 "mass society trout society which is moved by demagogy demagogy" Detailed>
◇ April 8, 2017 broadcast
Song which is necessary in the present times to recall background in the times when we made meaning and music of words loaded words in Japanese good old song with, and to learn from the history. 
Song classroom [21] of "song leaving trace of defeat" Keiko Aoyama Japan  Detailed>
◇ April 1, 2017 broadcast
Let's regain Japanese sense sense, perception! TOKYOMX Susumu Nishibe seminar 
Between song classroom [20] "sad kana, man and woman" of Keiko Aoyama Japan Detailed>
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