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February 25, 2017 broadcast
Is it monster of "progress faith with the future prospects as darkness" Kan Ito [Washington D.C. residence] modern American - Modernism [2]?

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Historical view of aide [Mr. strategy official Steve Banon] of the cards government having view of the world that ultra that wants to revive legitimacy with readiness that is consistent from boyhood of President Trump who quoted words of Mussolini by campaign speech saying "we want to live in 1st as lion than we survive as sheep for 100 years" not anything ... simple popyurisuto is conservative. Corruption of American political system that has square, and does not reflect intention of the nation of the nation who average salary lasted for approximately 40 years when only 4% went up even if 85% of labor productivity went up from 1976 through 2013 and continued being exploited, and exploded.
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◆Special feature of March, 2017 issue "does not have international community without nationalism, too"◆ 
The secession from EU of the U.K., birth of President Trump,
Rise ... of right wing political party in Europe
Over Japanese national view to be greatly called into question now, order and stability of international community
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Guest introduction

Kan Ito
Kan Ito
We are and mail
We are resident in Washington D.C. 
Commentator, international politics, American finance analyst.
It was born in 1953 (1953) Tokyo and is a graduate from University of Tokyo department of economics.

We learn American political history, international relations in Cornell University and, in business consulting company of Washington, work as international politics, American finance analyst.
Diplomatic criticism and monetary policy analysis are written by "Chicago Tribune" "Los Angeles Times" "Saint Peter's Bergh Times" "common wheel" "Folin policy". By political programs such as CNN, CBS, NBC, American public broadcasting, ITN, BBC, we comment on foreign policy and the issue of finance.

[book] American empire - Japan ruining itself, become independent (Bunshun new book); a lot of others.

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Depicter March, 2017 issue [magazine]
"There is not international community without nationalism, too", and depicter March, 2017 issue is now on sale
The discussion "end of restoration and globalism of nationalism"
American empire [Kan Ito] which ruins itself
American empire - Japan ruining itself, become independent [Bunshun new book]; 861 yen [work] Kan Ito
Book of shock that Japanese strategist resident in Washington D.C. wrote.
Depicter January, 2017 issue [magazine]
Depicter January, 2017 issue "fate of Japan" MX entertainment now on sale 
[special feature] This over "fate - constitutionalism, nuclear armament, protectionism, sovereignty rests with the people of Japan." Makoto Sataka X Shuji Sawamura X Takeshi Nakajima X Susumu Nishibe X Koichiro Tomioka
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