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March 4, 2017 broadcast
What happens the next without the EU U.K.; or commentator, Kleine Kyoshi [residence in Germany] X Susumu Nishibe

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What happens to the back without the U.K. which selected the secession from EU as June, 2016 by referendum? How do you live in collapse of imagination called the European United States, different on the conditions of a country and historic boundary line? Process that the U.K. which occupied corner of world oil capital joined EC by crude oil remarkable rise by repulsion of the Middle East. Demerit of unification that capital flowed in for low-wage work force by crisis of 2010 in Greece in large quantities, but there is not necessary financial monetary policy of own country as medium and small-sized business is destroyed, and capital escaped.
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◆Special feature of March, 2017 issue "does not have international community without nationalism, too"◆ 
The secession from EU of the U.K., birth of President Trump,
Rise ... of right wing political party in Europe
Over Japanese national view to be greatly called into question now, order and stability of international community
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Guest introduction

Kleine Kyoshi
Kleine Kyoshi
Writer, commentator [residence in Germany]

It was born in Manchurian for 1,939 years [1939].
Gifu City women's junior college, Department of English literature graduation.
1968 [1968] visit to Europe. We learn history of German literature, modern Western politics and economics in University of Zurich, Frankfurt University.

[recent work] Why was there difference in defeated nation, Japan and German 70 years after the war [Shodensha]?

The advice of good book

Why was there difference in defeated nation, Japan and German 70 years after the war?
One or Shodensha where had difference that was why in defeated nation, Japan and German 70 years after the war
Because Japan stands up again
Lesson that you should learn from Germany is right here!
Depicter March, 2017 issue [magazine]
"There is not international community without nationalism, too", and depicter March, 2017 issue is now on sale
The discussion "end of restoration and globalism of nationalism"
Depicter January, 2017 issue [magazine]
Depicter January, 2017 issue "fate of Japan" MX entertainment now on sale 
[special feature] This over "fate - constitutionalism, nuclear armament, protectionism, sovereignty rests with the people of Japan." Makoto Sataka X Shuji Sawamura X Takeshi Nakajima X Susumu Nishibe X Koichiro Tomioka
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