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March 18, 2017 broadcast
We regard heart of samurai as world corruption in collapse [black iron Hiroshi]

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 We declare that it is all fake news for the main media and think about power that strongly cut into heart of the American people feeling that you must restore ... order with the real intention of President Trump who uses the true intention and both sides of principle properly diplomatically. Japan which we interpreted by mistake for the history and 72 years after the war that were not told in the United States either.
 What is it that Japanese is called into question in the present age in the Meiji era when we inherited will of person agriculture, industry and commerce in the Edo era when we ascertained the world calmly?

Guest introduction

Black iron Hiroshi
Black iron Hiroshi
Kurogane Hiroshi
We are from Kochi in 1945 [1945]
The 2004 [2004] Purple Ribbon Medal 
We deal with cover work of every other month "depicter"
[recent work] Heart of mononofu Japan theory Meiji saves Japan [illusion winter building new book]

[writing] "Too until now "Nobunaga played" "description of new Nobunaga" (PHP Institute Office) (illusion winter building) keirinsuikyomonto" (joint work with Susumu Nishibe) (PHP Institute Office), "careful consideration" "careful consideration - tenkorekan" "careful consideration - rankorekan", and "who who cut Ryoma killed Ryoma" (riido company) (Koike study); or a lot of "Ise story" (comics classical literature series) (Shogakukan) others.

The advice of good book

Heart of mononofu Japan theory Meiji saves Japan
Heart of mononofu Japan theory Meiji saves Japan [illusion winter building new book]
We show way which you should take exposed to violence of globalism of Japan
Depicter March, 2017 issue [magazine]
"There is not international community without nationalism, too", and depicter March, 2017 issue is now on sale
The discussion "end of restoration and globalism of nationalism"
Depicter January, 2017 issue [magazine]
Depicter January, 2017 issue "fate of Japan" MX entertainment now on sale 
[special feature] This over "fate - constitutionalism, nuclear armament, protectionism, sovereignty rests with the people of Japan." Makoto Sataka X Shuji Sawamura X Takeshi Nakajima X Susumu Nishibe X Koichiro Tomioka
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