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April 15, 2017 broadcast
 "mass society trout society which is moved by demagogy demagogy"

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Cards phenomenon that appeared in the United States which uneasiness and dissatisfaction to collapse of the European Community seen in the secession from EU of the U.K., serious difference by global capitalism and diplomacy, military affairs, politics, society exploded, and raised freedom and equality to symbolize the world! Why is it? It does not begin if we do not think about the soil whether President Trump was born.
French tokuviru which was famous for alarm bell in "mass society mass society where the United States was the first in the present age" and 1835. "Democracy" has been said to honorary desire, power of money, politics of people rule, birth of dictator with necessity of the history to be corrupted from Rome imperial government period. We think about people ... present age when intellectual, words of elite such as media do not reach by in the first place being brought back to something, the original meaning with "democracy" "trout society" to jump at the fashion without demagogy = demagoguery, trout = consideration.
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◆Special feature of May, 2017 issue "the United States, China and Russia which started world destruction"◆ 
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Guest introduction

Keishi Saeki
Keishi Saeki
We let you are clear and work and be
It was born in 1949 [1949] Nara-shi and is a graduate from University of Tokyo department of economics,
The Doctoral degree course in University of Tokyo Graduate School economics graduate course unit acquisition.
Successively hold Kyoto University Graduate School human being, environmentology graduate course professor, present, Kyoto University's emeritus professor.

[book] "Thought that was hidden" [Tsukama bookshop, Suntory arts and sciences prize] "the end" of "Americanism" [TBS Britannica, east field memorial award] "modern Japanese liberalism" [Kodansha, Yomiuri press prize] "to "nationalism as ethic" "power of study" "consideration of patriotism - introduction of Japan" "value" called Japan "size switch - de-growth society" which "already stops freedom and democracy" [NTT Publishing] [illusion winter building new book] [Shincho new book]
It is a lot of Japanese fate [Shincho new book] others from economy of economic crime rarity to surplus-related economy in the times [NTT Publishing] of savageness of [Kodansha modern new book] civilization.
Keita Shibayama
Keita Shibayama
Kyoto University Graduate School human being, environmentology graduate course associate professor.
Magazine "depicter" editing committee. 

1974 [1974] Tokyo birth. We are a graduate from Kyoto University department of economics,
The Doctoral degree course in Institute of Kyoto Univ. human being, environmentology graduate course unit acquisition.
History of modern synousiacs, thought specialty. 

[book] "It is kiwa of modern synousiacs "the quiet Great Depression" [Shueisha new book]
It is "thought of crisis" "fate" of "civilization" [NTT Publishing] others the Keishi Saeki, Keita Shibayama edition [Nakanishi-ya publication] "truth of global panic" who reads, and unties the world after the do- Cold War [Shueisha].

The advice of good book

Depicter May, 2017 issue
Depicter May, 2017 issue [magazine]
Depicter May, 2017 issue "United States, China and Russia which started world destruction" April 15 release MX entertainment 
"Does special feature discussion destroy the world - saying that do not relieve?"; black iron Hiroshi X Shuji Sawamura X Keita Shibayama X Susumu Nishibe X Koichiro Tomioka
Depicter January, 2017 issue [magazine]
Depicter January, 2017 issue "fate of Japan" MX entertainment now on sale 
[special feature] This over "fate - constitutionalism, nuclear armament, protectionism, sovereignty rests with the people of Japan." Makoto Sataka X Shuji Sawamura X Takeshi Nakajima X Susumu Nishibe X Koichiro Tomioka
Anti-; democratic idea (Shincho new book) [Keishi Saeki]
Anti-democracy theory [Shincho new book] 799 yen [work] Keishi Saeki
It becomes unhappy so as to believe democracy.
We press ringleader undermining this society keenly.
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