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May 20, 2017 broadcast
Why is it? Is Japan one of "genkyo ge" No? Masashi Waki X Mitsuhiro Kimura X Susumu Nishibe

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Global stagnation opens by the globalism decline why only "Moritomo school" and "Toyosu market" problem is reported in Japan while missile launch and nuclear development by North Korea of neighboring country advance to be seen in cards birth and the British EU secession, and is Japanese doing afternoon nap under the situation that the times enter into crisis? There is Japanese to see reality patiently honestly certainly soon in genkyo gesubeki.

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◆Special feature of May, 2017 issue "the United States, China and Russia which started world destruction"◆ 
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Is it monster of modern American - Modernism?

Guest introduction

Masashi Waki former Liberal Democratic Party member of the House of Councilors
Previous Liberal Democratic Party member of the House of Councilors

It was born in 1945 [1945] Tokyo and is a graduate from University of Tokyo department of engineering.
Chief Secretary of House of Councilors LDP Diet affairs chief Examining Committee for Political Ethics's chairperson
Country traffic Committee committee country is tough and successively holds general investigation committee's vice-chairpersons
Representative Mitsuhiro Kimura one Mizue
Representative Mitsuhiro Kimura one Mizue
Come; irregularity Mitsuhiro
 It was born in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo in 1956 [1956],
 Keio University law department politics subject graduation.

[book] Is great; on Putin day early the conclusion of Japan and Russia peace treaty!

[compilation] Nationalism or globalism [work] or malines Le Pen who regains free France
[editing] Mitsuhiro Kimura [flower biography company]
Yuki Imamura actress [assistant at Susumu Nishibe seminar]
Notice Hard bullet BKYU performance

"Perception plastic tincture! Medicine ~ to rank ... place having a pain" in
 In from Wednesday, June 21, 2017 to 25th Sunday Shimokitazawa station square theater.
 http://www.bkyu .com

It is debut in child's part of MIYAKO Chocho at the age of 10 years old.
After young man-za Institute graduation, we belong to "hard bullet BKYU".
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The advice of good book

Nationalism or globalism [flower biography company] or Mitsuhiro Kimura who regains free France
Malines Le Pen and Mitsuhiro Kimura whom we met edit! What is revolution of choice - three of civilization?
Depicter May, 2017 issue
Depicter May, 2017 issue [magazine]
Depicter May, 2017 issue "United States, China and Russia which started world destruction" April 15 release MX entertainment 
"Does special feature discussion destroy the world - saying that do not relieve?"; black iron Hiroshi X Shuji Sawamura X Keita Shibayama X Susumu Nishibe X Koichiro Tomioka
Great! Putin day is early, too; the conclusion of Japan and Russia peace treaty [Mitsuhiro Kimura]
Is great; is Mitsuhiro Kimura by the conclusion of Japan and Russia peace treaty early on Putin day 
The conclusion of speedy Japan and Russia peace treaty!
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