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August 12, 2017 broadcast
"Song classroom of Keiko Aoyama Japan" which recalls that great fight Greater East Asia War [22]
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In 72 years after the war, we think to listen to song and war song concerning war of Japan. Japanese who stood up by strongly sinking in the bottom of sorrow. "Fellow soldier" in story "war record" that one soldier went to the front of Manchurian, and survived, and became work village mayor desperately. With father who went to the front of ponape Island [existing Pompeii Island] after the return with wound by shooting in Nomonhan incident, we wait for return and think about wabi bita mother and child. Japanese sense sense, program "Keiko Aoyama song classroom which regains perception of Japan."

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◆Special feature of September, 2017 issue "now Japanese idea"◆
 Seigo Matsuoka, Shuji Sawamura, Keita Shibayama, Susumu Nishibe, Koichiro Tomioka 
 It releases from MX entertainment on August 16 [Wednesday]!

Guest introduction

Keiko Aoyama
Keiko Aoyama
Oh, it is practiced female-impersonator
Vocalist mezzo soprano  
The doctorate acquisition, Japan song wrestle in work, mono opera of traditional Japanese music device accompaniment in study of vocalism of Japanese song which is a graduate from Tokyo art university vocal music department from Izumo-shi, Shimane from the start and get reputation in the voice and Japanese beauty.

We study under Hidetaro Honjo, each person of Mitsue Hayasaka in Yuzo Nishigaki, Sumiko Hirai, folk song in Toshio Moriyama, Yasukazu Suga, Koyo Hatanaka, traditional Japanese music with vocal music.
We hold doctorate acquisition memory recital "demoness of Adachigahara" Suntory hall. We study fusion of vocalism of Western music and traditional music and announce result at recital or lecture afterwards.

Song thing which spins poetry concert of Keiko Aoyama Japan, and goes is enough
In song classroom of Keiko Aoyama Japan of TOKYOMX "Susumu Nishibe seminar"
We sing on stage and talk about many songs which we showed.

[the date and time] The curtain rises at 14:30 on November 4, 2017 [Saturday] [the 14:00 opening]
[place] Miyaji, Koganei musical instrument hall, the coliseum JR Chuo Line Musashi-Koganei Station south exit
[rate] 2,000 yen free to do all seats


The second floor of Miyaji musical instrument [only in the store] Miyaji musical instrument hall window
A music Tel & Fax 03-3369-1929
Sponsorship N promotion 090-2327-1002 [representative, Tatsuhiko Nakao]
Cooperation YAMAHA Electone city Shibuya

Mikito Hasegawa
Mikito Hasegawa
Look after Hasegawa, and come; person
Electone musician
We are from Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido.

Even collaboration with artist over wide field wins favorable reception from costarring, opera and madrigal, musical with musical instrument which is state state to pop music, Showa songs and ballads.

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Depicter September, 2017 issue [magazine]
Depicter September [74] issue August 16 release special feature "now Japanese idea!"
It is Noboru Tsujihara X Susumu Nishibe X Koichiro Tomioka over Seigo Matsuoka whom discussion "asks Japanese culture with Japanese", Shuji Sawamura, Keita Shibayama, Susumu Nishibe, Koichiro Tomioka "fashisumo talk"
With Junzo Karaki rain soil (Minerva Japan critical biography choice) [Shuji Sawamura]
With Junzo Karaki - rain soil [work] Shuji Sawamura [Minerva Japan critical biography choice]
We carry through the anti-times and find "mutability"…
We run publicist of conspicuousness, the press of the Showa era.
We discuss after the pacifism [Yosuke Hamasaki]
Yosuke Hamasaki [Bungeishunju Ltd.] who discusses after the pacifism [work]
We bring up new problem in thought after the war
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