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December 16, 2017 broadcast
American style democratic ruin that wealthy people of 0.1% of The System is Rigged! top rule over all "talk about world Oita tear! "Susumu Nishibe X Kan Ito [2]

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Commentator, Kan Ito resident in Washington D.C. "talk about world Oita tear! ". Wealthy people of 0.1% of top perform usurption of half of capital gain [capital gain] by rise in price profit of credit, stocks, real estate and provide 90% of political fund including presidential election. Wealthy people rule until politics, economy, finance while income of the middle class is delayed though labor productivity rises for 45 years. General public see through hypocrisy, deception of media, but is there really the future in democracy?

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 Special feature from "world quite - revision of the Constitution in tear in Japan to nuclear armament"

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Is it monster of Vol.7 modern American - Modernism? [guest: Kan Ito]

Guest introduction

Kan Ito
Kan Ito
We are and mail
Commentator, international politics, American finance analyst.

It was born in 1953 [1953] Tokyo and is resident in Washington D.C., America and is a graduate from University of Tokyo department of economics.

We learn American political history, international relations in Cornell University and, in business consulting company of Washington, work as international politics, American finance analyst.
Diplomatic criticism and monetary policy analysis are written by "Chicago Tribune" "Los Angeles Times" "Saint Peter's Bergh Times" "common wheel" "Folin policy". By political programs such as CNN, CBS, NBC, American public broadcasting, ITN, BBC, we comment on foreign policy and the issue of finance.

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From - revision of the Constitution in world Oita tear in Japan to nuclear armament
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