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January 20, 2018 broadcast
Over "speech" special lecture [1] by Manager of Susumu Nishibe seminar

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 Special lecture that speech active Susumu Nishibe seminar length talks about to send criticism to the modernization, the popularization when we want you to regain Japanese common sense "good sense", and to catch things generally.
 Alone fukuden** which Susumu Nishibe who 40 generations began, and wrestled in what's called "speech" seriously respected among postwar intellectuals most murmured; "speech is empty". Special lecture that Susumu Nishibe seminar length that lasts more than magazine, TV, lecture, private supplementary school and 30 years to send criticism for the American style modernization, popularization that something like simple model is popular among in large quantities to, and to arrest big picture of national view, view on historical view, human being with synthesis-related consistency, integrity, and continued speech activity body talks about over "speech."
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Special feature "~ for maintenance and "standard" to confront kuraiterion - crisis"
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How should vol.16 "nuclear power generation" be discussed? [guest black iron Hiroshi] 

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Tadashi Aoyama
Tadashi Aoyama
It is straightened Aoyama
"Depicter" leading student of a private school

We are a graduate from Tokyo University of Science department of science and engineering born in Tokyo in 1963 [1963]
Place "Tokyo "utterer" private supplementary school" of discussion by 1994 words start.
Monthly "utterer" is succeeded in 2005 by "depicter",
We change our name, and activity is presented by Tokyo "depicter" private supplementary school.
Under person from Susumu Nishibe fashisuta tarantoshita [Chuo Koron new company] favorable reception release
fashisumo which practices life as crisis that "always noticed that thing which got more like fashisumo in depth of own feeling wriggles as for the author though it is such play performed by a galaxy of famous actors in Mussolini's way of speaking again, and there is that we learned hatred how many times while knowing thing, it which it is called hooligan by real Italy fashisuta, and increased class that cannot be helped a lot", and continued confronting in brutality and nihility in "postwar period" is the last large scale work that *de did the whole area of the life of oneself. With the heart of thought that doubt and shosatsu, will to adventure led. * rebaseni will confess that it is only "fashisumo as illusion" that "person from fascist tarantoshita" holds. It is that it which reveal breast does tradition as illusion in chest when we say more, and decides concrete way of death that is its acme in the situation called "now here" filled with crises, and lives in illusion that we should know others if we practice it is fashisuta It is the presentation of one iwazen where Hugh harpoon strike (human instinct debater) was here now that author poses in the times of chaos. [new book] Now on sale from person from fashisuta tarantoshita [work] Susumu Nishibe Chuo Koron new company

The advice of good book

midareran (Kodansha modern new book) of civilization to recite for essence old fun of maintenance [Susumu Nishibe]
midareran [Kodansha modern new book] [work] Susumu Nishibe of civilization to recite for essence old fun of maintenance
Book of scathing proposal from aged bonze to problems that Japan has.
Depicter January, 2018 issue [magazine]
Every other month depicter January, 2018 [76] issue MX entertainment
From - revision of the Constitution in world Oita tear in Japan to nuclear armament
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