Susumu Nishibe seminar



Susumu Nishibe (stamen advances)

March 15, 1939 Hokkaido birth
1964, University of Tokyo department of economics graduation.
During attendance at school as Univ. of Tokyo Residents' Association chairperson, whole school consecutive member of the central executive committee
We participate in security treaty struggle in 60.
We enter graduate school after the secession from student movement and study modern economics,
We successively hold assistant professor at Yokohama National University, assistant professor at University of Tokyo, University of Tokyo's professor.
Magazine "depicter" advisor.
Susumu Nishibe
Yuki Imamura (we go to Imamura)

We are from Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo. It is debut in child's part of MIYAKO Chocho at the age of 10 years old. We belong to hard bullet BKYU from 2001 and perform two a year publicly and are playing an active part with drama, movie, CM.
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