Susumu Nishibe seminar

August 11, 2017

Now Japanese idea! August 16 depicter release

[special feature] We ask Japanese culture with Japanese

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◆Special feature of September, 2017 issue "now Japanese idea"◆ 
 It releases from MX entertainment on August 16 [Wednesday]!
[special feature] Now Japanese idea
[discussion] We ask Japanese culture with Japanese
 Seigo Matsuoka Shuji Sawamura Katsura Shibayama large Susumu Nishibe Koichiro Tomioka
[discussion] Over literature and life fashisumo story
 Noboru Tsujihara Susumu Nishibe Koichiro Tomioka

It is ... with many Japanese songs which we showed by Susumu Nishibe seminar

Song thing which spins poetry concert of Keiko Aoyama Japan, and goes is enough
In song classroom of Keiko Aoyama Japan of TOKYOMX "Susumu Nishibe seminar"
We sing on stage and talk about many songs which we showed.

[the date and time] The curtain rises at 14:30 on November 4, 2017 [Saturday] [the 14:00 opening]
[place] Miyaji, Koganei musical instrument hall, the coliseum JR Chuo Line Musashi-Koganei Station south exit
[rate] 2,000 yen free to do all seats

Miyaji musical instrument [only in the store] Miyaji musical instrument hall the second floor window
A music Tel & Fax 03-3369-1929
Sponsorship N promotion 090-2327-1002 [representative, Tatsuhiko Nakao]
Cooperation Yamaha Electone city Shibuya