Susumu Nishibe seminar

June 23, 2017

Is times ni revolt of techno money Maniac possible?

Two people of Yosuke Hamazaki of Shuji Sawamura and literary arts critic of critical biography writer looked back upon in philosophy and the history from literature and classic about rediscovery of "Japan" quality of and it was actual by modern problem by interpreting the essence and started in sukore [schole "school"] to decode.

The second Sawamura, Hamasaki sukore July 21 [Friday] holding

Mr. Itsu Fukuda [director, translator, Meiji University's professor] [book to be published shortly] father, fukuden** [Bungeishunju Ltd.]

[special participation]
Koichiro Tomioka [literary arts critic, Kanto Gakuin University's professor, "depicter" chief editor]

[going on the platform]
With Shuji Sawamura [critical biography writer, "depicter" editing committee] [book to be published shortly] Junzo Karaki - rain soil [Minerva Publishing]

We discuss after Yosuke Hamazaki [literary arts critic] [recent work] pacifism [Bungeishunju Ltd.]

□□□■■■ The holding summary "Sawamura, Hamasaki sukore second"■■■□□□ 

It starts [on the date] at 6:30 p.m. on July 21, 2017 [Friday] [from reception desk 6:00]
[place] Forum Saeko Micah
      〒101-0047 1-18-12, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Azuma Kanda Makoto Building
[fee] 1,500 yen lower than lecture 3,000 yen high school student
      Social gathering 3,500 yen [each tax-included] 
      ※Apply for applicant at the time of application.
[as for the participation hope]
You write participation, nonparticipation to the name, phone number, participation number of people and social gathering, and, after adding, please apply by email or FAX.

 The sukore secretariat
FAX 03-3291-1396

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