Susumu Nishibe seminar

November 24, 2017

We talk about world Oita tear! !Depicter X Susumu Nishibe seminar

"Till when are you in American dependency?"

[broadcast plan] continue for three weeks on 23rd on 16th on December 9, 2017
[every Saturday] is 30TOKYOMX1 - 7 at 7:05
[every Sunday] is 55TOKYOMX2 - 8 at 8:30
[program summary]
Wealthy people of 0.1% of top took wealth monopolistically, and difference spread and dissatisfaction of the nation exploded in manner to rule over until politics, economy, diplomacy, military affairs very much and delivered President Trump. Decadence of "democracy" that reckless driving of "capitalism" that became destructive creation, history sense and traditional mind evaporate and are fanned in the mass media, and to move for feeling of public opinion.
 There should be how nationally, or future Japan talks about "large division of the world" with the American fact to fall that they saw from Washington D.C. while "world great division" causes each national internal division! !

[program guest] commentator, Kan Ito [Washington D.C. residence]
[program performer] assistant for commentator, Susumu Nishibe program, Yuki Imamura [actress]
[program theme] "talk about world Oita tear! !"

Depicter January, 2018 [76] issue

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◆Special feature of January, 2018 issue from "world quite - revision of the Constitution in tear in Japan to nuclear armament"◆
◇"We talk about world Oita tear! One or Kan Ito [commentator, Washington D.C. residence] X Susumu Nishibe [commentator] whom there is till when in American dependency◇
 It releases from MX entertainment on December 16!