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February 3, 2018

"Depicter criterion2018 three a year Monday" depicter second foundation of a periodical!

Maintenance thought magazine depicter criterion to confront "crisis"

"Depicter criterion" March, 2018 issue
"How should there be Japan nationally while the times enter into crisis?
Look for model, standard [criterion = kuraiterion] of nation society"
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◆Special feature of March, 2018 issue for "standard" to "confront maintenance and kuraiterion - crisis◆ 
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[special feature] For "standard" to confront maintenance and kuraiterion- crisis [kuraiterion]
[discussion] Maintenance thought aiming at radical practice
 Satoshi Fujii [depicter criterion chief editor, Special Advisor to the Cabinet, Kyoto University Graduate School's professor]
 Keita Shibayama [Associate Professor at Kyoto University Graduate School]
 Yosuke Hamasaki [literary arts critic]
 Yuichiro Kawabata [Kyoto University Graduate School assistant instructor]

Back numbers
January, 2018 [76] issue from "- revision of the Constitution in world Oita tear in Japan to nuclear armament"
Probably because issue "goes where Japanese" in November, 2017 [75]
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July, 2014 [55] issue "nation and human being" whom "maintenance thought rebuilds

Depicter January, 2018 [76] issue

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◆Special feature of January, 2018 issue from "world quite - revision of the Constitution in tear in Japan to nuclear armament"◆
◇"We talk about world Oita tear! Till when are you in American dependency?"
 Kan Ito [commentator, Washington D.C. residence] X Susumu Nishibe [commentator]◇
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