Image: Weekend Metropolician

Every Saturday
From 10:30 to 11:25

M Cass-adaptive program
Member introduction
Image: Yuji Matsuo

Yuji Matsuo

(Yuji Matsuo)

It was born in January 20, 1954

Hometown: Tokyo

Former rugby representative from Japan called stands off that is the best in history of rugby in Japan both in name and in reality.
To sportscasting that it is the first among rugby world after retirement.

Image: Sinjiro Terada

Sinjiro Terada

(Shinjiro Terada)

It was born in August 29, 1983

Hometown: Aichi

Recipe utilized "reduction of working hours" technique and idea that I am amazed to learn that special feature is made with woman, fashion magazine for men let alone dish magazine, and it is possible for "it is easy" is favorable reception.

Image: Aya Asahina

Aya Asahina

(Aya Asahina)

It was born in October 6, 1993

Hometown: Hyogo, Awajishima

Promising star from Awajishima breaking San-Ai swimsuit image girl /DHC Cinderella Award 2015/ magazine "Ray" exclusive belonging models in 2015. It is sure to get break from now on!

Image: Asei Machi

Asei Machi

(Asei Machi)

It was born in August 3, 1971

Hometown: Saitama

We play an active part in almighty as Announcer alma mater Rikkyo University department of literature Britain and the United States literature department woman.
As news caster, we continue always standing in on-site battle front.

Image: DOKIDOKI present form
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Image: Aya Asahina's The first experience all of Tokyo !

It is Komachi Edo in the state of things of Aya Asahina

Aya Asahina from Awajishima is suitable for appearance in Tokyo spot
We rediscover the horror some other time. Besides, great erudition, the history, the topography, Shinto shrine / Buddhist temple, walking spot takes a walk, too. We aim at pretty young lady "Komachi Edo" of Tokyo without permission.

▼Walk route
 1, Asakusa court warehouse keeper trace monument (from Kuramae Station a 2-minute walk)
 2, Asakusa astronomical observatory trace (from Kuramae Station a 2-minute walk)
 3, Kuramae Shrine (from Kuramae Station a 1-minute walk)
▼Walk meal
"Kuramae Iseya"
Access: From Kuramae Station a 3-minute walk (4-37-9, Kuramae, Taitou-ku)
Business hours: 11:30 - 14:30/17:00 - 20:30
Regular holiday: On Wednesday

Because Kuramae was town which spread out in front of storehouse in the Edo era
It became the place name called "Kuramae"!

<history expert>
(Horiguchi, Masumi)
It was born in June 11, 1983
Hometown: Adachi-ku

Meiji University department of literature drama studies specialty graduation. We pass the Edo culture history official approval first grade at the youngest 25 years old in history.
We work on introduction, enlightenment of Edo culture other than the TV radio casts.
Nickname "hori."

  • Past broadcast: #46 Kuramae neighborhood
  • Past broadcast: #45 Sendagaya neighborhood
  • Past broadcast: #44 Nakano neighborhood
  • Past broadcast: [special episode] Asei Machi purezentsu! Trip in Oshima, Izu of one-day woman polishing
  • Past broadcast: #43 Kanamachi neighborhood

Image: Simple recipe of truth! It is rice from now on!

We are glad to body! Truth rice

We introduce simple & Hel sea recipe that can right settle simple & Hel C for keyword as lunch from now on. Furthermore, we do on dining table fun every week by ingredients associated with guest and menu which we had in season.

There is nutrient called soybean lecithin in tofu,
We reduce cholesterol and neutral fat,
Besides, we can expect effect to reduce useless body fat!
In addition, for woman, nice skin is lustrous; as for the isoflavone☆

■Materials (for two people)
160 g of spaghetti
Silk tofu one order (300 g)
Two pickled plums (very much)
Anchovy fillet 1/2 piece
Tomato juice tablespoon 1
Garlic pickpocket lowering teaspoon 1/4
Olive oil teaspoon 2
Soy sauce teaspoon 1/3
There are few salt, black pepper
Thin leek, chopping fine laver, green shiso, each white irigoma appropriate amount

■How to make
We boil a lot 1, spaghetti than indication of bag for a long time for one minute
2, kind of pickled plum are excluded
Tofu, pickled plum, anchovy, tomato juice which cut moisture in 3, mixer,
  We add garlic, olive oil, soy sauce, salt little o and stir
We cool 4, boiled spaghetti with takeoff, iced water and cut moisture well
Match spaghetti and source with 5, bowl and fix taste with salt
We serve in 6, container and we chop leek and scatter laver, green shiso, white sesame, black pepper

  • Past broadcast: Chilled spaghetti of Japanese-style cream
  • Past broadcast: Light snow ankake source of asparagus
  • Past broadcast: Dish simmered in refreshing sleet of mackerel and rape
  • Past broadcast: Chinese-style salad of Mikan and carrot
  • Past broadcast: Reduction of working hours! Citron flavor chicken nugget

Welcome! Polybeautifulness

Welcome! Polybeautifulness

We meet various guests every time and investigate personality including private part. We learn from valuable experience of guest and make future life better.

Saturday, March 18, 2017 broadcast

Noriko Kato

Image: Tell; and the head of a ward! TOKYO 23

Tell; and head of a ward Tokyo's 23 wards

We send information that 23 wards of heads of a ward oneself is in season. We introduce the advantageous points adhering to life. ①Event, recommended outing spot (art museum, library) introduction to be able to go advantageous information ③ only in event, festival ② ward aimlessly to be carried out from now on

Festival - Spring Water Festival in Sumida ... of waterside

Date and time Saturday, March 25 26th Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00
Meeting place SORA gusset open space, dumb person or park

Festival of cherry tree

☆Cherry tree Festival of banks of the Sumida River
It is Sunday for two days on Saturday, April 1 on Sunday for 26 days on Saturday, March 25 on the date and time
Meeting place Sumida Park

☆Cherry tree bank street flower Festival
It is Sunday, April 2 on Sunday, March 26 on the date and time 
Meeting place east gray mustache park

☆Kinshi Park Sakura Festival
Date and time - Sunday, April 2 
Meeting place Kinshi Park

sumida Hokusai Museum

Opening time from 9:30 to 17:30 closed day Monday view rate permanent exhibition: 400 yen (the public)
From access Toei Oedo Line Ryogoku Station a 5-minute walk

☆Opening memory exhibition 2 "collector who supports sumida Hokusai Museum"
 Session - Sunday, April 2 view charges 1,000 yen (the public)

☆Opening memory exhibition 3 "tekuteku Tokaido - Hokusai and the 53rd - to go on a trip"
Session from Tuesday, April 18 to Sunday, June 11 view charges 1,000 yen (the public)

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