Thank you very much for WEB entry in TOKYO MX.
We will tell about problem necessary for this entry and application method.

Reception desk period from March 1 to March 31 (effective postmark)

■At first,
Please read page of recruitment of our adoption HP essential point, application method by all means.

■Please download entry sheet (ES) from this.
On all page print, we fill out, and I would like mail.
※Only as for the ES4 piece eyes that entry, presentation included "announcement" in the third piece "section to hope" for.
Please submit other one only with three pieces.

■The details of "video problem" to person who included "announcement" in section of ES desired
[please record problem contents, the following on one piece of DVD]
  1. (1) Self-PR (less than three minutes)
  2. (2) Designated manuscript 1 (one minute)
  3. (3) Designated manuscript 2 (one minute)
  4. (4) Designated manuscript 3 (one minute)
☆1 designated problem ... 3, please download manuscript than this.
[instructions at the time of record]
  • About problem (2) - (4), I would like shooting on premise reading news manuscript in taking a seat, bust shot.
  • You are careful about noises, and please photograph in state that sound and picture are recognizable clearly.
[instructions when we send DVD]
  • Please fill in "full name, university name" on the surface clearly.
  • Please record collecting order in order of the above.
  • You put in the cases and enclose with ES not to be broken, and please mail.
  • It is said that Blu-ray or USB are impossible. We take only DVD.

■When presentation problem includes defect, lack when it does not reach application condition, we do not select within reception desk period when there is not sending.
Thank you for your understanding.