[news of broadcast time change]
The broadcast date and time of program are changed as follows from April.

TOKYO MX1 every Saturday 7:30 ...
TOKYO MX2 every Monday 23:30 ... (rebroadcast)

※Rebroadcast for broadcasting is 21:30 on 4/4 Tuesday on Saturday, April 1.

Music channel that Hitoshi Komuro who is man of influence serves host in people of traction of Japanese folk song almost the origin of J-POP.
We make singer song writer of wide generation guest every time to this day from the 70s and develop acoustic live only by pleasant chattering and program.

2017/04/01 broadcast

Yukihide Takekawa

Yukihide Takekawa

"Gandhara" "Galaxy Express 999"

In 1975, we make our debut as singer-songwriter. We form Godiego with Mickey Yoshino and others in 1976. It produces blockbusters such as "Gandhara" "monkey magic" "beauty full name".
Composer, singer, novelist, music purodeyu-su live activity is playing an active part widely.

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