Contractor of new younger sister demon king

2015/03/25 broadcast

For Episode 12 "this night, this time"

2015/03/18 broadcast

Episode 11 "person of information gathering (Espionage)……Thing in there"

2015/03/11 broadcast

Episode 10 "betrayal named patheticalness"

2015/03/04 broadcast

The Episode 9 "merits and demerits of the master and servant"

2015/02/25 broadcast

Episode 8 "erosakyubasu of reckless driving"

2015/02/18 broadcast

In Episode 7 "end of love and hate"

2015/02/11 broadcast

Episode 6 "has thought to increase" and

2015/02/04 broadcast

Episode 5 "demon king incomparableness of morning younger sister"

2015/01/28 broadcast

"Sorrow just becomes zero" Episode 4

2015/01/21 broadcast

Episode 3 "interval of reencounter and trust"

2015/01/14 broadcast

Episode 2 "first homage"

2015/01/07 broadcast

Episode 1 "Sunday that younger sister was able to do it"