Image: NEW YEAR CROSS 2018
MX12018/1/1 Monday
From 12:00 to 14:00
M Cass correspondence
Program summary

Morning news show "MORNING CROSS" which started in 2014
This year newly "heated argument! Sunday CROSS increased, too!
We reach the fourth New Year's Day and broadcast "CROSS" series special episode in New Year's Day of 2018.
It is another two years until 2020! <2018 of turbulence> Is assigned to this; and fun!

It is good for New Year's Day of 2018, and set decorates luxuriously, too!
All the performers provide two hours when "we are in Japanese dress" and are gorgeous, too!

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[host] Moat moisture & kyuse**ko

[studio straight guest]
Patrick Harlan (comedian)
Takashi Yuasa (international lawyer)
kinkeitama (Tokai University's professor)
seino*yu (entrepreneur)
Ryosuke Nishida (Associate Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology)
kotanikeiko (writer)