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MX12018/1/1 Monday
From 18:00 to 19:00
tsuiseki! TOKYO2018
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Program summary

With Tokyo Olympics, the Paralympics coming two and a half years later, we thoroughly report on international city, figure of 2018 of Tokyo which evolution accelerates!
Tokyo in 2018 is seen if we see this program including the latest trend of IT to greatly change area that large-scale redevelopment goes ahead through and our living!

◎In new large-scale commercial facilities which are born one after another, town of Tokyo of 2018 changes in this way!
◎By achievement of AI evolving dramatically living of 2018 so usefully?
◎We invite Takeshi Natsuno of Keio University special invitation professor as studio guest and thoroughly comment on Tokyo of 2018
◎By broadcast from various places throughout Tokyo, we report state of Tokyo of New Year's Day!


Main caster: Hayato Arima
Caster: Maya Tanaka, Makoto Fujimoto non-Kaori Yuki
Guest: Takeshi Natsuno