Image: Spy legend
MX12017/12/31 Sunday
From 27:05 to 28:55
Spy legend

Peter devero (Pierce Brosnan) of former CIA agent which was trained, and has ever played a high role with code name called "November man." Ex-co-workers know what is killed in sequence, and he who retires, and lived who is quiet leaves for help, but the arrowhead, ex-co-worker woman who loved are killed mercilessly. Besides, the criminal was CIA where oneself had ever belonged to.
devero develops Mason (Luke Bracey) of active CIA agent which we brought up by oneself and the offense and defense of strain to solve the total picture of case. However, international plot over presidential election in Russia was hidden on the back of case. Touched Alice (Olga kyurirenko) of social worker whom there was of interchange with her last to find out Mira which knew President candidate who was covered with corruption and connection of the back with CIA, but ...

The staff cast

Roger Donaldson

Michael Finch

The original:
Bill Granger

Pierce Brosnan
Olga kyurirenko
Luke Bracey