Image: The strongest two
MX12018/1/3 Wednesday
From 11:25 to 13:25
The strongest two

Millionaire Philip who it became general anesthesia in accident, and sent wheelchair life came over to care person interview and was interested in out of place black young man Doris that the opening first cut and brought down saying "give signature of non-adoption". Set life of two cultures that began in there. Classical music and Seoul, high-quality suit and sweat shirt, literal conversation and the lower material. Life of two continues colliding over all, but acceptance, the terribly humorous strongest friendship begin to be born each other before long. The friendship changes people of the circumference,, besides, fate of their own. However, -.

The staff cast

[director, script]
Eric Toledano, Olivier nakashu

Francois kuryuze
The Omar sea
annu le ni