Image: GAMBA Gamba and friends
MX12018/1/3 Wednesday
From 8:00 to 9:40
GAMBA Gamba and friends

In urban corner, Gamba and mampuku of town mouse lived happily.
One day Gamba appears on trip toward the sea which "is the widest in the world, and is big".
Two of them participated in party of sailor mouse in port, but chuta of island mouse which had finished weakening there demanded help and came over. We say that crisis of the annihilation includes island mouse by weasel. However, sailor mice shrink as soon as they heard that enemy is "noroi" of white weasel if victory loves.
We decide Gamba to see chuta to despair of that oneself is alone and saves island mouse. It dawns, at the time of start on a voyage.
We flattered bobo how, and it was touched by courage of Gamba, and gakusha, fraud and mampuku boarded ship, too. It is finally beginning of adventure.
How do Gamba and friends confront "noroi?" And their fate……?

The staff cast

[plan, general manager]
Yoichi Ogawa

Tomohiro Kawamura
Akihiro Komori

Ryota Furusawa

[executive producer]
Avi Arad

Benjamin uorufisshu

[casts of voice]
Gamba: Yuki Kaji
Tideway: Sayaka Kanda
mampuku: Wataru Takagi
chuta: Akiko Yajima
bobo: koko*hirome
Fraud: Keiji Fujiwara
gakusha: Shuichi Ikeda
Oops-a-daisy: Akio Otsuka
Re-spiral shellfish: Masako Nozawa
noroi: Mansai Nomura