Image: Charlie Mordecai
MX12018/1/3 Wednesday
From 9:40 to 11:25
Charlie Mordecai

In U.K. Oxford, fantastic masterpiece of Goya was stolen to someone. It is bogus art dealer Charlie Mordecai of trademark "chobi mustache" that British secret intelligence service MI5 asked for the investigation. To great adventure that Mordecai chases masterpiece with strongest bodyguard jokku, and is splendid. However, secret of treasures which shook the world in the masterpiece was hidden! We roll up the police in Russian Mafia, list of global terrorism to American super-wealth gradually, and the contest to run through the world breaks out! Can Mordecai arrive at treasures as expected? Whereabouts of fantastic masterpiece -?

The staff cast

David Koepp

Eric aronson

Johnny Depp
guuinesu paletot low
Ewan McGregor
Olivia man
Pole stereotypical knee