Image: Tragedy of W
MX22017/12/30 Saturday
From 20:00 to 21:50
Tragedy of W

Product performance was decided with "tragedy of W" on the next time of the theatrical company "sea". It is woman, but, in addition to full-scale mystery, performs suspense of the original about tragedy of reason with stage drama fully. We make Sho Hatori, Atsushi Godai and theatrical company "sea" two leading figures even with the cast and say to develop the sensational stage by Abe direction known as colossal intellect. And we will choose female college student, watsujimakoyaku holding the key to the whole case by audition from young research workers of theatrical company.
Chance and research workers of rare opportunity changing their countenance. There was Shizuka Mita to sononakano one. We leave Hirosaki for Tokyo and live alone now. We cannot do a play without human growth……Shizuka who fell rigidly respected as actor, and it was again in positive pole group as we took action earlier than feeling for five generations that were attractive man. Three people of Miyashita man of virtue who was close friend of Shizuka and Shizuka and Kaori Kikuchi were considered to be front-runner of makoyaku.

The staff cast

Haruki Kadokawa

The original:
Shizuko Natsuki

Shinichiro Sawai

Seizo Sengen

Shizuka Mita: Hiroko Yakushimaru
Akio Moriguchi: Masanori Sera
Kaori Kikuchi: Miho Takagi
Miyashita man of virtue: Akiko Shikata
Hideo Mineta: Koji Shimizu
Mitsue Kotani: Yuriko Kono
Chieko Yasue: Yoshie Minami
Ryozo Dohara: Noboru Nakaya
Atsushi Godai: Kunihiko Mitamura
Sho Hatori: Yoshiko Mita