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Image: Middy and skirt and machine gun
MX22017/12/31 Sunday
From 13:00 to 14:55
Middy and skirt and machine gun

Daddy was dead, and star spring (Hiroko Yakushimaru) of high school student became lonely. Because spring was daughter of daddy after kith and kin alone did, and mom died, and was wife, and was change of mother, is true; became alone. Though knight was all right, and The Three Musketeers of classmate, intellect life, Tetsuo, Shuhei worried this and that around spring, spring decided that we continued one residence of apartment. However, tall man who does not get used that it attended crematory to be interested a little. To awfully overly friendly woman, we waited for return of spring when we came back to apartment. There being or woman, Mayumi brought letter of daddy. Because we often travel abroad as member of <trading company in the letter, there is much danger, too. In the case of emergency, we want you to live with spring in apartment> Messages from daddy called this to Mayumi were written. Saying this she of daddy……Eye gin?

The staff cast

Haruki Kadokawa
Hidenori Taga

Kei Ijichi

The original:
Jiro Akagawa

Yozo Tanaka

Shinji Somai

Star spring: Hiroko Yakushimaru
Makoto Sakuma: Tsunehiko Watase
Mayumi Sandaiji: Yuki Kazamatsuri
Class killifish trio, matsurigoto: Masaaki Daimon
Class killifish trio hiko: Shinpei Hayashiya
Class killifish thorio light: Toshiya Sakai
High school student trio, intellect life: Shingo Yanagisawa
High school student trio, Tetsuo: Tatsuya Oka
High school student trio, Shuhei: Ken Mitsuishi
Detective Kuroki: Akira Emoto