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MX22018/1/1 Monday
From 11:00 to 12:45
<TOKYO MX Okinawa film festival>
Love of nabii

This product of the Tomi Taira lead who broke through in this product and NHK telenovel. Comedy about disturbance around old woman deeply in love with love 60 years ago on the stage of small island of Okinawa. Yuji Nakae who director continues with Okinawa, and announces work. First person, Seijin Noborikawa of sanshin (sanshin) of Okinawa shows performance, too.
Nanako (Naomi Nishida) who was tired from urban life, and went home to small island, bubble Kunishima of Okinawa. We were welcomed, and heart of Nanako was gradually healed by megumitatsu ojii (Seijin Noborikawa) and nabii obaa (Tomi Taira) which were cheerful islanders and grandparents. But Nanako notices that state of nabii is funny in a few minutes. In fact, partner, sun Lar of grande passion torn up 60 years ago returned to island secretly!

The staff cast

Yuji Nakae

Naomi Nishida
Tomi Taira
Seijin Noborikawa