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Image: <TOKYO MX Okinawa film festival> Hotel hibiscus
MX22018/1/1 Monday
From 14:00 to 15:45
<TOKYO MX Okinawa film festival>
Hotel hibiscus

Okinawa movie that Manager Nakae of "love of nabii" draws girl of third grader to heroine. Real kicks comedy which adventure of girl develops backed by climate of Okinawa that is innocent, and girl full of vitality is beautiful, and is mysterious on the stage of old hotel which family where unique all gather runs. It is full of Ryukyu music in back, too!
Hotel hibiscus which stands in one of Okinawa and a certain place. The individual members who appearance is old, but all people running hotel are spirited, and are gentle. Always also add mother of beautiful woman in Dad, hard workers good at sanshin and billiards; cigarette noobaa. Mieko of third grader spent delightful Mainichi among families who were such "intaanasonaru". Mieko more full of energy than boy took close friend gappai and mintama of the same class today, and she flocked for search for wood spirit soul Kijimuna….

The staff cast

Yuji Nakae

Storehouse lower ear wave
Kimiko Yo
Tomi Taira