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Image: <TOKYO MX Okinawa film festival> Kariyushi of August
MX22018/1/1 Monday
From 17:00 to 18:35
<TOKYO MX Okinawa film festival>
Kariyushi of August

Teru who would move to Okinawa with the parents' house of mother by bereavement with mother. Under ascetic practices that mareni of cousin lives there and becomes cause, Utah (master of soul ability) of till obaano instruction that is slow (God woman serving God). There is Thursday of banyan tree near house, and it is said that Kijimuna (apparition of a living person dwelling in Thursday of banyan tree) dwells there. Such mareni which one day it is beckoned Kijimuna, and is going to leave house unsteadily. We hand Teru bag with change of clothes as if we knew it far from stopping till obaaha to see it. "You go together, too." Mystery woman called Aki increases excursion of two people who began on the way and begins to have mysterious thing in sequence in this way. Arrowhead which has begun to feel spiritual fate, daughter of beautiful marebito (visit God from the death) appear, and three people do Time slip to ending of sad love that shatter with the Battle of Okinawa, and was scattered….

The staff cast

Iwao Takahashi

Takagi bow bud

Ryuhei Matsuda
Haruka Suenaga
Tama (Hysteric Blue)
Kazuyoshi Saito