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Image: <TOKYO MX Okinawa film festival> Small angel - mermaid smile ... of island of star sand
MX22018/1/3 Wednesday
From 11:00 to 12:45
<TOKYO MX Okinawa film festival>
Small angel - mermaid smile ... of island of star sand

Okinawa Taketomijima. This small island where beautiful scenery that holds its blue sky, beautiful sea, breath spreads through is just facing problems such as decrease or doctor shortage of tourist. Koichi Nakahama (Masashi Mikami) who worked for sightseeing section were going to push forward tourist doubling plan whereas old men and youth group just felt nostalgic for old days. Islanders repeat discussions over the future of island, and smile gradually disappears from their expression.
A certain morning, Koichi and younger brother, eyewink one (Tetsuya Makita) find that the girlish beauty sea (Riho Iida) of one falls down to sandy beach. The beautiful sea will work part-time at the course in guest house which is the parents' house of Koichi. As for the figure which acts hard although the beautiful sea does not get used, smile begins to come back to islanders under the influence of the beautiful sea becoming topic of island in a moment.
However, for Yuka (Yuka Maeda) of junior high student sending thought to eyewink one, it is not interesting that the beautiful sea becomes reputation. Therefore Yuka finds "mermaid legend of Chinese chives cuttlefish Ney" to uncover real identity of the beautiful sea, and the beautiful sea claims that it is mermaid. Koichi who heard it trains the beautiful sea to be "Miss mermaid" and hits to use for advertising of island.
Eyewink one continues shooting smile of people of island and the beautiful sea with camera of keepsake of father. We notice feeling to in island and own future and the beautiful sea soon. Reason why oneself came to island for to eyewink one is "Chinese chives cuttlefish Ney", and one beautiful sea says oneself that there is mysterious power.

The staff cast

Ichiro Kita


Riho Iida: The Tsukino beauty sea
Tetsuya Makita: Shunichi Nakahama
Masashi Mikami: Koichi Nakahama
Riki Choshu
Mari Yaguchi
Yasuo Daichi
Yuka Maeda