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Image: Daily life of high school boy
MX12017/12/29 Friday
From 16:00 to 17:45
Daily life of high school boy

It is "ONLINE Web magazine hard"! We exceed 2,400,000 copies of series totals!
Pro-loss of strength youth comics "daily life of high school boy" (SQUARE ENIX),
We filmize by Manager Daigo Matsui who got heart of men who are not popular of the world firmly in "Afro Tanaka" (12)!
Pleasant youth movie which cut rial of high school student who learned some nostalgia and daily life that it was said that it was messy wonderfully was born.
Does neither love nor club activities have gancho ... and others? Is it the current situation of high school boy now?
Extremely ordinary high school student that just country, Hidenori, three people of Yoshitake go to boys' school.
When we always gather in room of just country, we have a worthless talk and spend days somehow slowly without doing both study and club activities in particular.
Such; it is expected that do school festival in cooperation with neighboring girls' school once; ...

The staff cast

Daigo Matsui

Hiroyuki Komine, Daigo Matsui

Just country: Masaki Suda
Yoshitake: Shuhei Nomura
Hidenori: Ryo Yoshizawa
Apple: Anri Okamoto
Jana Gin: Yamamoto Mizuki
Hosono: Louis Kurihara