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[MX2] Friday from 23:00 to 23:30 broadcast
Rebroadcast: [MX2] every Saturday from 8:00 to 8:30 broadcast
Program introductionProgram introduction
New program which supports F.C. Tokyo!

Color, that of F.C. Tokyo "blue" and "red."
And, with << COLOR >>, there are characteristic, meaning of characteristic other than color, too.
We send characteristic, characteristic of F.C. Tokyo to various people, and intellect and others aim at program having such a "worried about which "we just came to like F.C. Tokyo" somehow" know one side that it was more deeply to fan supporters who liked F.C. Tokyo so far.
It is new support program building up collar of program with audience.
Don't miss it!
The cast staffThe cast staff
MIO (older sister), YAE (younger sister) actress, talent
It was born in October 5, 1995 and is from Tokyo.
Of Kyn Chou "dingdong in chest" attract attention at a bound in CM.
We are playing an active part now in various fields including drama variety.