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Game search

Nishitokyo Monday, July 17 fourth war (Nets Tama Akishima Stadium)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 kei
General engineering department 0 0 3 2 1 0 1 0 1 8
Musashimurayama 3 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 7
▽ Game is detailed
The bottom of the first inning
1.2 fort and Yes and the fourth Otsuki hit three-base hit by repeated blows from 1 death to between the right and center at two points of good times and succeed in the initiative. And squeeze of the fifth south spreading out provokes mistake of pitcher, and the third base runner reaches home plate. Musashimurayama gives three points in total.
The bottom of the second inning
Top ninth Yamazaki gets to first base by three-base hit to the left middle and reaches home plate between sacrifice bunt fielder's choices of Ando most. The second following Yoshioka gets a score 2 by squeeze of the fourth Otsuki, right front timely hit of fifth south when we sustain by two-base hit to tear third-base line. We assume lead six points.
The top of the third inning
When the sixth Maeno hits two-base hit to left wing line from 2 death 1.2 forts at two points of good times, center field timely hit jumps out, and general engineering department which wants to counter the attack returns three points to the seventh continuing Kojima in this time.
The top of the fourth inning
The third medium hits two points of timely hits to the nucleus from 1 death 2.3 fort and moves up to one point.
The bottom of the fourth inning
The fifth south adds one point by right-front timely hit from 2 death third base.
The top of the fifth inning
When the sixth Maeno gets to first base by middle hit, we reach home plate by two-base hit to between the right and center of the seventh Kojima. We assume one point again.
The top of the seventh inning
That Onozato hits timely three-base hit to the nucleus from 2 death second base most and that the second base runner reaches home plate and writes game. Is good return from center fielder here though Onozato aims at the home base at a stretch; tag.
The top of the ninth inning
We give off timely hit, and the ninth Okawachi that protected mound as this game second person halfway twice leads the left wing with one point at last when we do by nine times that we reached as tie score, two hits with 1 death 1.3 fort.
The bottom of the ninth inning
In Musashimurayama where six points of reeds were upset, top third Baba gets to first base by pitch which hits the batter. 7 Banbara is grounders to the shortstop afterwards though the fifth Nakatani makes good opportunity of 1.3 fort with middle hit after having become 2 death; fulltime. General engineering department gained come-from-behind win.