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TOKYO MXSportsThe 99th whole country Senior High School baseball championship east, Nishitokyo meetingSchool introduction > [Nishitokyo] general engineering department

School introduction

[Nishitokyo] Metropolitan synthesis engineering department

School name Metropolitan synthesis engineering department Senior High School
The school location Seijo, Setagaya-ku
The school establishment year 2006
The school number of students 558 (512 boys, girl 46)
Main alumnus, OG
(including celebrity)
Shameless Ishikawa holly (SoftBank)
The baseball club establishment year 2006
Baseball club number 69 people
Captain full name Takumi Kojima
War record

The summer of 16 ・・*

The summer of 15 ・・* The third match defeat

The summer of 14 ・・* The fourth match defeat

The best results of past summer meeting It is the East Tokyo last eight in 2009
Main results by other official games It is the Tokyo meeting last eight in spring in 2009
Ambition, aim of now meeting
One fights looking ahead each
About ground environment and facilities
We cannot make an excuse that it is metropolitan exclusive ground
Exercise policy or characteristic, hard luck story
It takes time to be gathered up as spirit, perseverance, courage, team