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School introduction

[Nishitokyo] Metropolitan Musashimurayama

School name Metropolitan Musashimurayama high school
The school location Musashimurayama Nakahara
The school establishment year 1974
The school number of students 832 (431 boys, girl 401)
Main alumnus, OG
(including celebrity)
The baseball club establishment year 1974
Baseball club number 37 people
Captain full name Shusaku Horie
War record

The summer of 16 ・・* The second match defeat

The summer of 15 ・・* The second match defeat

The summer of 14 ・・* The fourth match defeat

The best results of past summer meeting 16 best more than ten years ago
Main results by other official games
Ambition, aim of now meeting
Baseball to make rhythm from defense around ace Horie is completed. We show batting power that we strengthened by winter training and aim at more than last eight.
About ground environment and facilities
On weekdays, rectangular combination in by soccer club and one side (100*60)
Exercise policy or characteristic, hard luck story
Aspect of Horie reliance was frequent until now. We do not entrust all Horie of ace in the captains, and fielder, "I do something" about both attack and defense wants you to appear.