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Theme music

Sub-Sakihana "Unfulfilled Butterfly" (5pb.Records)

Be crowded in the lyrics, and theme song "Unfulfilled Butterfly" of this year expresses thought to want to flap hard while struggling facing world reality in meaning called "butterfly which is not met".
We thought that we could draw figure and singing voice of sub-Sakihana to sound through powerfully in that to live in thing representing severe reality vigorously in that daringly and were produced.
It became life-sized music that was lock intensely that grew up while sub-Sakihana that was active high school student conflicted about course and the future.

Sub-Sakihana (asaka)
[Asaki flower (asaka)]
Position office: T&E Corporation
Recordmaker: 5pb.Records
Birthday: October 7, 1999 (17 years old)
Blood type: Type B hometown: Aichi
Hobby / special ability: Animation appreciation, karaoke, costume play, nail, English
It was born in October 7, 1999. Artist of now expectation to make the debut as 17-year-old high school student anisonshinga in TV animation "Occultic;Nine– occultic Nine -" ED theme "Open your eyes" in October, 2016, and to break through 850,000 times of YouTube reproduction number of times (as of July, 2017) of Music Video in spite of initial work.

We spend five years than 3 years old of the childhood period in Michigan, the United States.
We love to sing from childhood and we are picked in "Bakky sponsorship karaoke meeting" performed at degree in championship, the whole country in July of "DAIICHIKOSHO sponsorship precision marking karaoke battle Chuubu District" in 2014 in November by representative Chuubu District of degree and repeat the results. It is stepped forward in March, 2015 by "the second NHK anison singing contest G" final.
We participate in "singing contest stage to see JOYSOUND karaoke world unification battle presents super song" and TV Tokyo "THE karaoke ★ battle" and attract attention.

Release is decided as TV animation "trouble of sen Thor" ED theme "Edelweiss" 2nd single on July 26, 2017.

Game "OCCULTIC;NINE" OP theme "Play the game," game "new dimension geimuneputeyunu VIIR" ED theme decides to be in charge of "you and story to begin".

We attract attention as high school student singer of wonder to have high power of expression not to think of to be with English pronunciation, high school student who are attractive singing voice, native with husky.

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