620 miles of Classic Arctic Circle plunge - Alaska peninsulas which how about on Wednesday

21:00 broadcast to stop by every Sunday that how about on Wednesday

Popular program having enthusiastic fan in the whole country as well as Hokkaido broadcasts "620 miles of Arctic Circle plunge - Alaska peninsulas" from "how about on Wednesday". Series of "chef Oizumi" birth, masterpiece completion without passing over!
Casts Yo Oizumi, Takayuki Suzui
Director Tadatoshi Fujimura, Masamichi Ureshino
※ We may reschedule. Thank you for your understanding.

Broadcast information

December 24, 2017 broadcast

"The fifth night, kyantoueru - Fairbanks"

As for cook, chef Oizumi, the tonight of flame. Ingredients which chef Oizumi of evening chooses now…. However, we quarrel with Fujimura D with Oizumi! "Stupid" (anger) which "meal tastes bad." Should be trip of Arctic Circle plunge to go to see aurora, but all too soon for cooking program?

January 7, 2018 broadcast

"The sixth night, Fairbanks - cold foot"

Town "cold foot" to aim at is near at hand. However, there big problem…. We cannot arrive at cold foot in camper which went on a trip together until now? Therefore we add two pleasant Americans at all and change car, and the Arctic Circle enters at last! However, weather is rainy…. Still can you see aurora?

January 14, 2018 broadcast

"Last night, aurora observation"

Party who arrived in the last destination "cold foot" of trip. Is staying place place where rowdy people gather? And weather…Rain. It is rainy in the sky whenever we go to see outside state…. Masterpiece of Oizumi product which is also created! Is important aurora really seen? ?

How about on TOKYOMX Wednesday?

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