Classic Europe revenge that how is on Wednesday

21:00 broadcast to stop by every Sunday that how about on Wednesday

Popular program having enthusiastic fan in the whole country as well as Hokkaido broadcasts "European revenge" from "how will about on Wednesday". That man challenges in sandals shorts again!
Casts Yo Oizumi, Takayuki Suzui
Director Tadashi Fujimura Kotobuki, Masamichi Ureshino
※ We may reschedule. Thank you for your understanding.

Broadcast information

August 27, 2017 broadcast

"European revenge (3)"

We assume here campground! We all show in single night of tragedy! Morning of fairy tale highway

September 3, 2017 broadcast

"European revenge (4)"

It is entered the country at last by hometown Denmark of Andersen! The Little Match Girl comes!

September 10, 2017 broadcast

"European revenge (5)"

Does fjord want to see even detour? Lover, Munch ride of fjord

September 17, 2017 broadcast

"European revenge (6)"

Melodrama begins suddenly! Lover "I of" fjord am free! Munch cries

September 24, 2017 broadcast

"European revenge (7)"

It is broken in the Oizumi inside of car! "fiyo love" last inning! Whereabouts of love of two people!

October 1, 2017 broadcast

"European revenge (8)"

Santa beriberi spirit! Director at bank is broken at last, too! End of trip

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