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In April, 2013, "how would about on Wednesday," but went on a new trip again.
It is Vichy in schedule of Yo Oizumi that it was super popular talent of pulling dako now in movie, the stage, drama! This location that controlled for to 12 days, and was carried out.
Foreign countries where it becomes seven years since the last destination!
Place where person reason "wanted to never go" in the destination told to Oizumi who came over only with passport without being informed of plan contents as ever….
The most new work to break silence of two and a half years from the previous work "moped Japanese Islands conquest", and to send!
On earth what rises? All is secret as always! desu.

Casts Yo Oizumi, Takayuki Suzui
Director Tadashi Fujimura Kotobuki, Masamichi Ureshino
※ We may reschedule. Thank you for your understanding.

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April 2, 2017 broadcast

"First African (12)"

April 9, 2017 broadcast

"First African (13)"

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