We perform hard copying of fantastic chicken in Classic Central America, Costa Rica which how about on Wednesday!

21:00 broadcast to stop by every Sunday that how about on Wednesday

Because "how will about popular program having enthusiastic fan in the whole country as well as Hokkaido on Wednesday," hard copying does fantastic bird in “ Central America, Costa Rica! We broadcast ".
Casts Yo Oizumi, Takayuki Suzui
Director Tadashi Fujimura Kotobuki, Masamichi Ureshino
※ We may reschedule. Thank you for your understanding.

Broadcast information

October 29, 2017 broadcast

"We pursue wild animal in third night, jungle! "

We enter Yo Oizumi & Takayuki Suzui, dense forest and pursue wild animal! However…, heavy, huge "bazooka lens" counterattacks on Oizumi? Well, it is struggled by photography. Is it possible for Oizumi to shoot (we photograph) before fast-moving enemy = wild animal escapes?

November 5, 2017 broadcast

"Fourth night, "please shoot teacher"

Photographer taking camera of the heavyweight division in spite of being relief pitcher with face like aspect in front of wild animal is sweaty. Photography…By visual to see only for toiuyori astronomical observation, Yo Oizumi struggles! "Three" saviors who appeared there! You discover quetzal in tonight, and can you photograph?

November 12, 2017 broadcast

If "the fifth night, quetzal does not come out, plan is rejected? "

Group which how will about where great thing left korukobado which did not come out is decision of shock! If "quetzal does not come out, we kill plan"! With choice that party took to catch quetzal? Yo Oizumi who was driven. Is plan all right?

November 19, 2017 broadcast

"The sixth night, at last quetzal appearance tonight"

Night at last last as for the trip for fantastic bird quetzal. To catch rainbow trout while quetzal does not come out; as for the challenge…. We appear in the quetzal truth while withdrawal enters field of vision! The spot is uproar! Yo Oizumi is tense very much! Can you put moment of truth in camera? We reach climax of strain

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