We challenge Lake TAKARAZUKA CAFE BREAK presents "rakugo X Takarazuka" ... University seshiruga rakugo! ...

Tachikawa next taking its ease shows popular Takarazuka rakugo,
We challenge lake seshiruha oneself first rakugo of former takarajiennu large.
In addition, Tachikawa next and great lake seshiruno Takarazuka talk to take their ease during cafe break casts must see it!

On the date
・The first night
 Wednesday, November 22, 2017
 Opening 18:30/ start 19:00 (going to be finished at 20:30)
・The second night
 Wednesday, December 13, 2017
 Opening 18:30/ start 19:00 (going to be finished at 20:30)
Tsukishima social education hall
4-1-1, Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(the fourth floor of the Tsukishima inhabitant of a ward center)
Large lake seshiru Daigo Cecile

Group of actress, former Takarazuka all-women's opera snow duty of a woman star

We are from Hyogo on March 8, 1983. 166cm tall. Blood type type A.

We join Takarazuka all-women's opera in 2002. We assign to group of snow as male impersonator.
New face performance is starring for the first time for 2,008 years.
We convert to duty of a woman in 2012. We join, and the eleventh-year conversion is the first time generation after generation.
We act as heroine for 3 consecutive years afterwards.
We acted as Fujiko Mine of "Lupin III", a lot of individual positions including kokamegumi of "Rurouni Kenshin".
2016 Takarazuka all-women's opera dismissal from an organization.
The part of 2016 "great Gatsby" Jordan Baker.
"Country-related grandfather battle" nishikisagajoyaku.
The part of "cross heart" Thierry.
The part of 2017 "NARUTO" mooring rope.

Tachikawa next Tatekawa Rakuzi which takes its ease

Comic story teller

Rakugo Tachikawa style position, Shiraku Tatekawa is of the same discipline.
It was born in December 30, 1976 and is from Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa.
Tamagawa University department of literature art subject graduation
March 15, 2000 guide
July 1, 2007 two eyes promotion
December 1, 2017 qualification given to comic storyteller promotion
Under "TAKARAZUKA CAFE BREAK" regular appearances.

Every day 4,000 yen (tax-included)
240 every day
■We propose from PIA application screen
■Please file than the following [as for, proposing].
 ※Free sign-in of PIA is necessary for application.
(P cord: 482-177)
We would like inquiry in the following e-mail address.
(the "rakugo X Takarazuka" secretariat)

Acceptance was finished.