Class cafe break Live sky theatergoing & talk salon

We perform resale of ticket only for "talk salon".

Ticket becomes beginning to sell from 11:00 on August 29. In addition, resale becomes first-come-first-served basis.
Please apply for application than application button of the lower page.
※Seat of "talk salon" ticket becomes seat backward than "theatergoing & talk salon" ticket.

※It is instruction about ticket

About seat combination, please confirm the following sample image.
Part which it change color with seat, blue of theatergoing, and part which we reach puberty with pink and did did is seat of talk salon.
Have the wrong; I would like confirmation so that there is not.

Ticket example

We hold cafe break Live!

Of TAKARAZUKA CAFÉBREAK broadcasting in TOKYO MX for from 11:00 to 11:30 every Friday
We hold "cafe break Live" as spin-off event.
After having had appreciate the following performance in Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, in Nippon Press Center 10F hall of the other venue,
We perform talk salon that we invite toward Takarazuka all-women's opera OG.

Mitsui Sumitomo VISA card musical
"Round dance (rondo) - of Elisabeth - love and death"

In talk salon story about this performance,
Until behind-the-scenes story not to listen to by program!
We are going to carry out present lottery at the end of the event.
We look forward to your participation.

On the date
Friday, September 23, 2016
・Theatergoing (Tokyo Takarazuka Theater) (seat: S seat)
13:30 ...
・Talk salon (the tenth floor of the Nippon Press Center Building hall)
18:45 ... (reception desk start 18:30)
Large lake seshiru Daigo Cecile

Part of group of actress, former Takarazuka all-women's opera snow daughter star

It is debut in Class star "LUCKY STAR!" for 2,002 years. The lead first for 2,008 years group of snow new face performance with "flower of mariposa."
We convert to the part of daughter triggered by the part of love of "Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet" in 2012 in 2011. We serve the part of LOTTE by "spring thunder" in 2013, the following day and act as heroine for 3 consecutive years afterward.
We are dismissed from Takarazuka all-women's opera with Tokyo Takarazuka theater performance "Rurouni Kenshin" senakigaku on May 8, 2016. We appear on "great Gatsby" as actress after the dismissal from an organization.
Casts to "CROSS HEART" are planned "new publication country characteristics grandfather battle" in November in September.

Miho Nakai Nakai Miho


We have a profound knowledge of the stage and appreciate from small theater to the Takara Takarazuka Operetta Troupe, Kabuki and classical music widely.
In terrestrial only Takara Takarazuka Operetta Troupe information program "TAKARAZUKA Cafe break"
We pass more than ten years and act as program navigator.

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater
Address: 1-1-3, Yuurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
JR Yurakucho Station (Hibi Taniguchi) (a 5-minute walk)
Hibiya Line Hibiya Station (Exit A5)
Chiyoda Line Hibiya Station (Exit A13)
Toei Mita Line Hibiya Station (via Chiyoda Line entrance Exit A13)

▽Talk salon
The tenth floor of the Nippon Press Center Building hall
Address: 2-2-1, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Chiyoda Line Kasumigaseki Station (Exit C3) (a 2-minute walk)
Hibiya Line Kasumigaseki Station (Exit C3) (a 2-minute walk)
Marunouchi Line Kasumigaseki Station (Exit B2) (a 5-minute walk)
Ginza Line Toranomon Station (9, Exit 10) (a 7-minute walk)
Toei Mita Line Uchi-Saiwaicho Station (A6, Exit A7) (a 2-minute walk)
JR Shimbashi Station (Hibi Taniguchi) (a 10-minute walk)

※From Tokyo Takarazuka Theater a 10-minute walk
 Movement would like each person.
Participation fee
■Theatergoing (S seat ticket) + talk salon
 13,000 yen (tax-included)

■Talk salon
 4,200 yen (tax-included)
※Ticket only for talk salon becomes seat backward than "theatergoing (S seat ticket) + talk salon" ticket.

※It is rate for 1 other people. In the case of application, it plurally takes participation fee for the number of people.
※It is said that the number of sheets that 1 other people can purchase is to two pieces.
※Theatergoing, talk salon suffers from seat together in reserved seat.
※Please note that you cannot accept hope of reserved seat.
※In the case of application, seat may plurally leave.
※There is not preparation for meal in talk salon.
※Carry-on of eating and drinking has you decline.
※We do not refund cancellation at the convenience of applicant, the excessive receipt of money, the overlap receipt of money.
※I decline photography, recording, recording in the hall firmly.
※Camera for coverage may enter, and there is utsuri rikomino possibility. Thank you for your understanding.
※The person is to have possibilities to confirm, and take identification of social position.

[about resale prohibition of ticket]
■I resell right of ticket and the ticket purchase other than the regular rate and decline what I use for sales promotion in business or act that is judged when similar to it firmly. When act considered to correspond as above was discovered, I invalidate applicable ticket and may decline entrance. In this case we do not refund ticket rate, the travel expenses at all.
In addition, we include buying and selling that we keep exhibition, successful bid to auction, buying and selling in the Internet, ticket shop, purchase agency, ticket tout and vicious third party with resale act.
■I would like explanation from ticket buyer by all means so that resale acts such as auction exhibition are not done when we have you hand over in list price or less toward friend, the acquaintance or when ticket is handed to companion.
※We cannot take responsibility of trouble about transfers of ticket at all.

■Theatergoing (S seat ticket) + talk salon
280 people
■We propose from PIA application screen
■Please file than the following [as for, proposing].
 ※Free sign-in of PIA is necessary for application.
■We can apply to one, up to two pieces.
Lottery reception desk period
Friday, August 5 11:00 - Tuesday, August 16 23:59
Lottery result confirmation period
Thursday, August 18 18:00 ...
※You have you access Ticket Pia my page after 18:00 on Thursday, August 18, and please confirm with "lottery application history".
※As for the receipt of money date in case of election, it becomes just at 23:30 on Sunday, August 21. By receipt of money date of the receipt of money when there is not, become handled as cancellation.

1-12, Koujimachi, Chiyoda-ku
TOKYO MX Events Department "cafe break Live" person in charge
TEL 03-5213-3250 (weekdays 11-17:00)

Acceptance was finished.