Tokyo city horse racing broadcast

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May, 2017

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※We may change broadcast schedule on account of the formation.
Please confirm with this program.

We broadcast for from 16:30 to 21:00 on - 3 Wednesday (holiday) on Tuesday, May 2
We broadcast for from 15:20 to 21:00 on - 26 Friday on Monday, May 8

5/10( Wednesday) hanedenhai

The race name comes from that the first horse racing in Tokyo was held in Haneda in 1927. 1,800m war to become the first barrier of South Kanto 3 years old classical music front is element which is important to not only speed but also stamina. Higher popular horse is known as strong race in TCK big prize. <we give the start right given priority of the Japan dirt course Derby to the Tokyo Derby, championship horse in five high ranks>

Thursday, May 11 east Kyoto princess Prize

The second of South Kanto mare classical music Triple Crown race to follow the Cherry-Blossom Race of Urawa. Young young girls bet seat of 3 years old Queen and scatter sparks. Influential horse which went ahead through mare classical music line smoothly and new power that grew rapidly in spring develop splendid fight.
<we give the start right given priority of Kanto Oaks to two high ranks>

Vast well is commemorative on Wednesday, May 24

The race name comes from Ooi racetrack establishment of 1950. It was dirt course big prize competed for in longest 2,600m in the country, but we change distance to 2,000m as step race of emperor Prize in June from 2014 and, until 2013, carry out.
<we give the start right given priority of emperor Prize to two high ranks>

List of jockeys
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Performer introduction

mcAshizaki love

Ashizaki love ashizakimana

Birthday January 31, 1984
Height: 161cm
Hometown: Tokyo
Educational background: Keio University law department law subject is a graduate
Hobby, special ability: Watching baseball, watching soccer, golf, dish, world heritage circulation, the stage, musical appreciation

mcNana Okitsu

Nana Okitsu okitsunana

Birthday November 7, 1989
Height: 153cm
Hometown: Saitama
Educational background: Seijo Univ. university graduate
Special ability: Movie viewing, reading
Qualification: Hot spring sommelier, the Japanese official approval second grade, the Kanji Test third grade, the Japanese news current events ability test fourth grade, the French official approval fourth grade

mcMai Sasaki

Mai Sasaki Mai Sasaki

Birthday December 7, 1986
Height: 161cm
Hometown: Kanagawa
Educational background: Otsuma Women's University Junior College Division housekeeping subject graduation
Hobby, special ability: Baton, dance, watching sports (baseball in particular), dish, nail, swimming

mcMaho Shiina

Maho Shiina shiinamaho

Birthday February 19, 1991
Height: 160cm
Hometown: Kanagawa
Educational background: Kanagawa Prefectural Isogo high school graduation
Special ability: Drive, reading, dish, Shorinji Kempo (the second grade), animal enthusiast (we keep reptiles)

mcKozue Suzuki

Kozue Suzuki sea bass cannot come

Birthday November 26, 1982
Height: 154.5cm
Hometown: Akita
Educational background: We are a graduate from Institute of Tokyo announcement broadcast announcement course
Hobby, special ability: Power Stone, snow shoveling to walk at will to enjoy single-lens reflex camera, racetrack

mcSetoyama Chibana

Setoyama Chibana setoyamachika

Birthday March 14, 1994
Height: 162cm
Hometown: Tochigi
Educational background: Utsunomiya Bunsei Junior College graduation
Special ability: Thing, jogging, art, music, comedy appreciation, delicious search for thing, watching cycle road race to describe trip (47 metropolis and districts conquest), painting in

mcAyumu Tanaka

Ayumu Tanaka shelf or Ayumi

Birthday July 18, 1983
Height: 159cm
Hometown: Ibaraki
Educational background: We are a graduate from private Meiji Gakuin University department of literature French literature department
Brief career history: Former All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. cabin attendant
Special ability: Sing trip, sports, watching sports (horse racing in particular, soccer), tennis, swimming, horseback riding
Qualification: The English official approval second grade, the French official approval third grade, TOEIC 610 points, PADI open water license

mcNishijima window

Nishijima madokanishijimamadoka

Birthday August 16, 1985
Hometown: Hokkaido
Special ability: You travel and eat your way, and, knowing constitution of land, collection of stamps, do not lose your way at the first place

mcEyes yuyu

Eyes yuyuhitomiyuyu

Birthday July 31, 1986
Height: 162cm
Hometown: Fukuoka
Educational background: Takarazuka music school graduation
Special ability: Thing, Japanese food, Japanese dance to see thing, weather chart to pour theatergoing, poseratsu, delicious tea into