Wednesday, November 16, 2016 from 17:30 to 20:00 (plan)
The Haneda Airport international terminal 4F Edo stage (Hanedakuukou, Ota-ku, Tokyo)
Junichi Inagaki, Mayo Okamoto, Thelma Aoyama
Offer period
Wednesday, November 2 14:00 - Thursday, November 10 23:59
Offer essential point
  • ・Application is limited to one 18 years or older including companion (high school student impossibility).
  • ・Of person who cannot stay until person who is not in time for the meeting time, the event end cannot participate.
  • ・Only toward the election, I will inform by email on Friday, November 11.
  • ・It is one set of two people invitation because of one email. Come in two people.
    ※There is not preparation for seat. We become standing audience during event.
  • ・I decline photography, recording, recording in the hall firmly.
Personal information
  • ・We use personal information that had you provide only about this offer.
  • ・We broadcast in program, HP, and viewers may be published, too.
     Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Talk & live performer profile

Junichi Inagaki

Junichi Inagaki Birthday: July 9, 1953
Hometown: Sendai-shi, Miyagi

We begin full-scale band activity from the junior high school era.
We attract attention with style called vocal while we swat drum while live is active after the graduation from high school at live house, disco, various places including U.S. forces camping and make our debut in "rainy rig let" in 1982. It is (1992) et al. in the days of "dramatic rain" (1983) and "summer horn" (1983), "Christmas Carol".
We perform "Junichi Inagaki, duster talk hakoban 70' S live" that reproduced the hakoban era in 2014.
In September, 2015, it is released book, novel second "kadappari" of autobiography new album "man and woman 5" at the same time.

1983 Japan record award best album prize "SHYLIGHTS"
1986 Japan record award best album prize "REALISTIC"
Winning 1987 TBS Japan composition award award "beach club of memory"
In the days of 1993 Japan gold disc award "Christmas Carol"
Winning 2009 Japan record grand prix plan prize "man and woman" "man and woman 2"
2011 first Tohoku good ray jar prize
We publish "hakoban 70' s" from Kodansha in 2013

Twitter: Official Staff@JI_hotclub
Junichi Inagaki official site:

Mayo Okamoto

Mayo Okamoto Birthday: January 9, 1974
Blood type: Type AB
Hometown: Kochi

We record 2 million pieces of sales in debut single "TOMORROW" in 1995. As ballad first in 3rd single "Alone" in longtime seller. After that including "be in you who are the same" "good-bye" "hapihapibasudi", "uh-oh, no incantation", as for the theme songs of CM song animation drama, movie, is producing in hit in sequence. On the other hand, Ryoko Hirosue, Miho Nakayama, Wakako Shimazaki, Nanase Aikawa, a lot of musical piece offers including Hiromi Iwasaki deal, too and play an active part as composer.
In March, 2012, we record own debut music "TOMORROW" again and announce ALBUM "Tomorrow" if for revival of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
It releases "gancho ruo support Yes ... of Mayo Okamoto 20th anniversary ALL TIME BEST - all" in commemoration of anniversary for debut 20 years in August, 2015.
We make our debut as long-cherished pianist as mayo on March 2, 2016.
We will develop activity with singer-songwriter Mayo Okamoto in future as pianist mayo.

≪WEB site≫
Official site:
Official blog:

Thelma Aoyama

Thelma Aoyama Birthday: October 27, 1987
Blood type: Type B
Hometown: Nara

It is said that we continued watching until we show interest in PV of Janet Jackson "rhythm nation" at the age of quarter 3 years old of Japanese people with Trinidadian and Tobagonian, and tape finishes lengthening.
We are awakened to pleasure of singing since the age of 10 years old and begin to learn gospel. After having spent time to sixth grader at international school, we emigrate to LA with family.

We dream of major debut in Japan taking the opportunity of having been called out by the music person concerned when we went back to Japan at one time in the summer of 2002. We move base to Tokyo in winter of the year and strengthen voice-training while going to international high school (Chofu). We make major debut in single "ONE WAY" on September 5, 2007.
It is clear and powerful and controls singing voice that is full of feelings exquisitely while possessing cute figure. It is ability group singer. In addition, it is fashion and photograph, art and diversified tastes, and the sense is supported by woman of the same age.

In 2012, we released free paper "DREAM PAPER" about music, culture fashion that oneself acted as chief editor.