toka temple palpitation Sunday

Every Sunday asa from 7:30 to 8:30 broadcast

On the morning of Sunday, are you enough "palpitation"?

M Cass-adaptive program
We take a walk through town tickling your "palpitation" heart every week,
Gourmet! Hit song of memory! nadoo introduction.
Furthermore, I can buy only by this program
We introduce "throbbing" wonderful product
Please expect in television shopping of toka temple!

If watch this program, you surely "beat fast", too; masu!

Performer profile

Yoshinori Kita

Yoshinori Kita (toka temple representative director)

It was born in Fukuoka for 1,953 years.
We are brought up in U.S. base. After business of medical miscellaneous goods and management of bakery, wholesale business of earthenware, ceramics starts as "Sue bloom temple". In 91, we establish toka temple and develop mail orders business such as television shopping. In 2006, we found toka temple call center.
Family constitution is wife, the eldest daughter, the eldest son, the second son.
Hobby golfs and catches
Ikki Happa

Ikki Happa

It was born in Ota-ku, Tokyo for 1,955 years.
Hobby, special ability: Golf (H.C10), making soba
License, qualification: Aikido (the first grade), Kyudo (four steps)
We are born as the eldest son of comedian "Mutoshi Happa". We make our debut as assistant emcee of TV Asahi "Yasuo Mizoguchi morning coat show". TV Asahi "OH! Sumo main host, Higashi Nippon Broadcasting (series of ANB) are playing an active part with "TV" "stage" "host" event now via "TV ihatobu of Ikki Happa"!
Ten thousand pears sound

Ten thousand pears sound

It was born in June 30, 1981
Hobby: Picture, song, dance ski Italian food
Special ability: Classical ballet
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