TOKYO MIX 2017/3/5 VOL.03

Without getting fat; in TOKYO MiX VOL.03

We make collaboration whether the "TOKYO MiX" featuring artist in TOKYO MX original viewpoint third gets fat!

Do to get fat?… This aims at contents that "can discover newly, and can feel this and that of the voice actor more closely" more than anywhere else without "surpassing" voice actor best recommended plan from voice actor illustrated book. Charm that we do not play character, and "the voice actor" has. "Time" when we can sense bodily only here exists whether you get fat. Would you like to come to "the space once without getting fat?"

Without getting fat; official Twitter


Seven step addition second following the first announcement cast eight people,
Besides, three Yuki Takada is decided for the third!
Provide in the luxurious casts; "do get fat?!" Don't miss it!

[Ryobu sect]
Takahashi flower forest, Endo lily or Natsumi Hioka, Sawako Hata, Marina Tagami, Yuki Takada

[only as for the matinee]
Akari Kageyama, Ari Ozawa, Maria Naganawa, Aimi Tanaka, Aoi Koga

[only as for the evening performance]
Mikoi Sasaki, Yuka Ozaki, Sarara Yashima, Mariko Honda, Sadowara fragrance


[Ryobu sect]

[only as for the matinee]

[only as for the evening performance]


Sunday, March 5, 2017
Matinee OPEN12:00 / START 13:00
Evening performance OPEN17:00 / START 18:00
Hamarikyu morning sun hall small hall
★Ticket (all seat designation)
◆General release: Sunday, February 5 10:00 ...

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 We purchase at store: Shop of Ticket Pia, Circle K of the U.S., Sunkus, Seven-Eleven (multi-copier)
 ※Time when the handling is possible varies according to stores.

・E plus
 Web reception desk:
 We purchase at store: FamilyMart (Fami port)

・Lawson ticket
 Telephone reception desk: 0570-084-003 (L cord 76850)
 Web reception desk: l-tike .com
 We purchase at store: Lawson, MINISTOP (Loppi)

All seat designation 3,500 yen (tax-included)
Without getting fat; the secretariat
03-5738-7593 (weekdays from 11:00 to 17:00)
We are not accepting application now.
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