Rose color dandy: March 8, 2017 broadcast

[liquor] Liquor of dekopon yogurt


Liquor that acidity and fragrance that creamy yogurt liquor todekoponno is refreshing are the best matches

Capacity: 500 ml
The alcohol frequency: 8%
Price: 1, 000 yen (tax-excluded)
Joraku brewing


Rose color dandy: January 11, 2017 broadcast

[liquor] Salt beer


Low-malt beer which we brewed using "salt of Enoshima"

■Price: 330 ml of 650 yen (tax-included)


Rose color dandy: June 1, 2016 broadcast

[liquor] Awamori "Zanpa citron sparkling"


"Mond selection" gold medal Ryukyu Awamori "Zanpa"-based first Japanese sparkling Awamori which we won
It features refreshing flavor of citron from Kitagawa-mura, Kochi

■Price: 275 ml of 324 yen (tax-included)

Rose color dandy: May 25, 2016 broadcast

Limited brewing beer "summit beer 2016"


◆Limited brewing beer "summit beer 2016"

・We release limited brewing beer "summit beer 2016" to welcome, and to enliven summit holding in hometown as craft beer manufacturer representing only one Mie in Shima, Ise

・Individual fragrance that is spicy, and is slightly sweet that is described saying "it is like onion" features hop having kind name called, "SUMMIT" (summit)

・In depth that combines seven kinds of malt for participation seven countries (G7), and is good for fragrance of "SUMMIT" hop and comfortable bitterness as harmony Yes and taste worth drinking.

Rose color dandy: May 19, 2016 broadcast

[liquor] Japanese true stiffness "kinusara"


First Japanese domestic true stiffness that Japanese craftsman whom we studied in home Korea made
It features refreshing acidity and fruity fragrance with silky eminent drinkability

■Price: 500 ml of 864 yen (tax-included)

Rose color dandy: May 11, 2016 broadcast

[liquor] Sake "popular one RiceMagic sparkling pure rice size brewing sake from the finest rice"


We win gold medal in "sake Award 2013 which is delicious with wineglass"!
Sake characterized by sweetness, acidity that grows on, and rice and rice are chisels in bottle, and lets you ferment, and is natural

■Price: 300 ml of 823 yen (tax-included)

Rose color dandy: March 9, 2016 broadcast

pomeriburyutto royal


◆"pomeriburyutto royal"

●We win blue ribbon in pomerisutairushampanyumasutazu 2015 which inherited tradition of first-ever dry champagne

Sparkle which was full of life with light yellow tinged with green.
Fragrance such as citrus fruits and white flower gives softness, and hint of smaller red fruit is felt.
Impression with generally fresh feeling.
Taste is refined and can enjoy lively feeling and harmony of elegance.

Rose color dandy: March 8, 2016 broadcast

Smoked pot IH


Reference marker price: 6, 150 yen

Shinfuji burner

Rose color dandy: March 4, 2016 broadcast

Hippopotamus orchid single malt whiskey soloist vinyo


◆With "world whiskey award (WWA) 2015," we win world best single malt whiskey.
Masterpiece which technology and harmony of art to add collection technology after naturally drying for two years in car brewing factory, and to use white oak barrel which had the history of world various highest grade wine storages chosen by chief blender for storage, the aging of whiskey, and to express unique, delicate flavor of VINHO characteristic brought about.

Rose color dandy: February 24, 2016 broadcast

Liquor liquor easy comfort


◆"Liquor liquor easy comfort"

●Shochu "best gold medal trophy" becoming the first-ever splendid achievement throughout the trade receiving a prize full-scale in "international wine & spirit competition (IWSC) 2014."

●Production center: Kagoshima west brewing

●Raw materials: Gold one thousand kan (Kagoshima product), the U.S. ricemalt (domestic production)

●The frequency: 37 degrees

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