Rose color dandy: June 7, 2016 broadcast

[the stage] "Night honkie talk Bruce who cannot sleep"

The stage

[the stage] "Night honkie talk Bruce who cannot sleep"

◆Those legendary men begin to act violently again on the stage of Yokohama…
"Honky-tonk" heals all of you this year!
We give in the attractive and individual casts this time and do,
Entertainment human comedy of "breathtaking laughter!"

◆Tokyo performance: From Wednesday, August 31, 2016 to Thursday, September 8
◆Venue: Kii country shop hall
◆Rate (all tax-included seat designation) regular sheet booking: 6, the day of 500 yen: 7, 000 yen (only when there is unsold seat)

Rose color dandy: February 8, 2016 broadcast

DRAGON QUEST live spectacle tour

The event concert stage

・Saitama: Saitama Super Arena
・Fukuoka: Malin Messe Fukuoka
・Aichi: Nagoya NGK INSULATORS hall
・Osaka: Osaka-jo Castle hall
・Kanagawa: Yokohama Arena

Rate (tax-included)
S seat: Adult 9, 500 yen / child 7, 500 yen
A seat: Adult 7, 500 yen / child 5, 500 yen


Rose color dandy: February 3, 2016 broadcast

"Snack ball second lunar month edition"

The event live stage

Friday, February 26 19:00 ...
Place: Tokyo culture culture
Phone number 03-3599-2390
Advance ticket: 3,000 yen
Today's ticket: 3,500 yen

Address: 〒 135-0064 1-3-11, Aomi, Koutou-ku, Tokyo

Rose color dandy: December 14, 2015 broadcast

[the stage] "Honganji"

The stage

[the stage] "Honganji"
・Star ★Theater produce.
・Possess "in Nobunaga Oda and Nobunaga proud of great popularity in Japanese history; grudge of" Masakado Taira moving, Ishiyama Honganji, kennyo (kennyo), kyonyo (kyonyo) standing in the way there, general, Yoshiaki Ashikaga who, besides, acts secretly behind the scenes, ferocious animal, Shingen Takeda of war-torn country, gun employing mercenaries group, Saiga a large number of people…We draw each justice and chaos's way of life to bloom in profusion in chaotic times vividly and spin story that has not been ever expressed.
[script] Eisaku Saito
[direction] Wally Kinoshita 
[title] Purple ship 
[clothes] Yuma Koshino
[casts] jinnaikosokushikawakyu*jisuikakishohoshiwako others

Under ticket release!

Rose color dandy: November 3, 2015 broadcast

[the stage] The 120th anniversary of the foundation of Shochiku supermarket Kabuki II "dress"

Stage art

◆The 120th anniversary of the foundation of Shochiku supermarket Kabuki II "dress"
2015 (the 70th) Agency for Cultural Affairs art festival participation performance

・Screening period: From Wednesday, October 7, 2015 to Wednesday, November 25
・The suspension of the performance: Friday, October 16, 28th Wednesday, Friday, November 6, 16th Monday
・Under ticket release

Rose color dandy: September 4, 2015 broadcast

Performance musical "Sailor Moon" of the 60th anniversary of the good friend -Un Nouveau Voyage- (annuvovoyaju)

The event stage

Guest, Yu Takahashi casts!

◆We stage in Tokyo, Osaka from 9/18!
◆For more details, we are searched in "Sailor Moon musical"


Rose color dandy: August 18, 2015 broadcast

Stage "makumatsutayo*"

The stage

◆The date and time: From Friday, September 4 to 13th Sunday
◆Place: Shimokitazawa, Honda Theater
◆Inquiry about ticket: Sunrise promotion
◆The purchase: At various ticket agencies

Rose color dandy: October 2, 2014 broadcast

"Over there ~ of hand otsunaidekaerouyo - Shangri-La"

The stage

"Over there ~ of hand otsunaidekaerouyo - Shangri-La"
・Original, script, direction, Masayuki Imai starring
・We give a performance in Tokyo, Kakogawa, Kitakyusyu

◆Tokyo performance
・The curtain rises at 10/27, 28 19:00
・New National Theatre, small theater
・Casts: Tamao Sato, Asuka Takahashi

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